Gold Spike
Product / ServiceAT&T
CategoryA01. Direction
Idea Creation BBDO NEW YORK, USA
Production 2 BISCUIT FILMWORKS Los Angeles, USA
Additional Company JSM Champaign, USA
Additional Company 2 YOURS TRULY KEVIN Los Angeles, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
David Lubars BBDO, NY Chief Creative Officer BBDO Worldwide
Greg Hahn BBDO, NY Chief Creative Officer BBDO NEW YORK
Matt MacDonald BBDO, NY Group Executive Creative Director
David Povill BBDO, NY Executive Creative Director
David Cuccinello BBDO, NY Executive Creative Director
Kevin Mulroy BBDO,NY Creative Director
Dan Kenneally BBDO, NY Creative Director
Julie Collins BBDO, NY Group Executive Producer
Jessica Coccaro BBDO,NY Executive Producer
David Rolfe BBDO, NY Director Of Integrated Production
Ashley Lipham BBDO,NY Business Manager
Doug Walker BBDO, NY Managing Director
Rachel Nairn BBDO, NY Managing Director
David McKenzie BBDO,NY Senior Director
Allie Knill BBDO,NY Account Director
Colin Vidika BBDO,NY Director Of Project Management
Angela Jones BBDO, NY Head Of Integrated Planning, EVP
Mac Russell BBDO, NY Communications Planning Director
Steve Rogers Revolver/Will O'Rourke & Biscuit Filmworks Director
Michael Ritchie Revolver/Will O'Rourke Managing Director/Executive Producer
Pip Smart Revolver/Will O'Rourke Executive Producer
Shawn Lacy Biscuit Filmworks Partner/Managing Director
Jeff McDougall Biscuit Filmworks Executive Producer
Holly Vega Biscuit Filmworks Executive Producer
Rachel Glaub Biscuit Filmworks Head of Production
Mercedes Allen Biscuit Filmworks Head of Production
Karen O'Brien Biscuit Filmworks Line Producer
Adam Arkapaw Biscuit Filmworks Director Of Photography
Bruce McCloskey Biscuit Filmworks Production Designer
Jane Dilworth Work Editorial Executive Producer
Erica Thompson Work Editorial Executive Producer
Jamie Lynn Perritt Work Editorial Producer
Rich Orrick Work Editorial Editor
Chris O'Brien Work Editorial Assistant Editor
Tim Masick Company 3 Telecine Artist
Kevin Breheny Company 3 Producer
Tim Davies Kevin ECD/Partner
Mike Dalzell Kevin Head of CG/ CG Supervisor
Sue Troyan Kevin Senior Executive Producer/Partner
Jami Schakel Kevin VFX Producer
Joel Simon JSM CCO
Jeff Fiorello JSM Executive Producer
Nathaniel Morgan JSM Composer
Jason Krebs JSM Composer
Joel Simon JSM Composer
Nathan Kil JSM Sound Designer
Paul Weiss Sonic Union Engineer
Justine Cortale Sonic Union Producer
Pat Sullivan Sonic Union Producer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

We open on the waning seconds of a 1960s high school basketball championship. The ball is passed to Tommy, who nervously looks for an open teammate. With everyone guarded, he reluctantly takes the shot, the crowd anxiously watching. The ball bounces dramatically, eventually dropping through the basket, triggering a cathartic celebration. After the celebration dies down, we find Tommy in the locker room. The mood and color shift to something unexpectedly colder. We hear a voice say, “Forget about us, Tommy?” as two men approach him. A fight erupts but is quickly ended with the press of a button, which opens the face of Tommy, revealing his robotic interior. The two men drag him away. A super reads, “From Sports Dramas to Sci-Fi, get movies and more with AT&T unlimited plans.”

Cultural/Context information for the jury

This work was created specifically for theatergoers. In an effort to reach and develop new audiences for AT&T, media was bought with National CineMedia that put 90-second branded content in theaters prior to almost every movie that was released in 2018. The opening genre, “rom-com,” is short for “romantic comedy,” an uplifting, heartwarming genre.

Tell the jury anything relevant about the direction. Do not name the director.

The director had to credibly drop the audience into a specific genre, by using recognizable tropes, yet without lampooning it. We needed viewers to fully embrace the sports drama portion of the spot, before confusing and ultimately delighting them with a complete genre flip to sci-fi.


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