Gold Spike
Product / ServiceOLD SPICE
CategoryA01. Direction
Idea Creation WIEDEN+KENNEDY Portland, USA
Production 2 BISCUIT FILMWORKS Los Angeles, USA
Additional Company MACKCUT New York, USA


Name Company Position
Eric Baldwin Wieden+Kennedy Portland Executive Creative Director
Jason Bagley Wieden+Kennedy Portland Executive Creative Director
Matt Sorrell Wieden+Kennedy Portland Creative Director
Ashley Davis-Marshall Wieden+Kennedy Portland Creative Director
Bertie Scrase Wieden+Kennedy Portland Copywriter
Christen Brestrup Wieden+Kennedy Portland Art Director
Matthew Hunnicut Wieden+Kennedy Portland Head of Production
Lindsay Reed Wieden+Kennedy Portland Producer
Patrick Cahalan Wieden+Kennedy Portland Studio Manager
Ken Berg Wieden+Kennedy Portland Senior Designer
Saskia Thompson Wieden+Kennedy Portland Photography
Dusty Slowik Wieden+Kennedy Portland Business Affairs
Guy Campbell Wieden+Kennedy Portland Account Team
Ghada Soufan Wieden+Kennedy Portland Account Team
Paige Brown Wieden+Kennedy Portland Account Team
Thomas Harvey Wieden+Kennedy Portland Account Team
Drew Phillips Wieden+Kennedy Portland Strategic Planning
Samantha Serocki Wieden+Kennedy Portland Strategic Planning
Brian Goldstein Wieden+Kennedy Portland Media Team
Melissa Meier Wieden+Kennedy Portland Media Team
Cherish Lee Wieden+Kennedy Portland Media Team
Steve Rogers Biscuit Filmworks & Revolver/Will O'Rourke Director
Michael Ritchie Revolver/Will O'Rourke Managing Director/Executive Producer
Pip Smart Revolver/Will O'Rourke Executive Producer
Shawn Lacy Biscuit Filmworks Managing Director
Holly Vega Biscuit Filmworks Executive Producer
Thomas Townend Biscuit Filmworks Director Of Photography
Mala Vasan Biscuit Filmworks Line Producer
Drogo Michie NA Production Designer
Wandee Somboon Lime Studios, Bangkok Producer
Carson Ng ASAP, Bangkok/Asia Producer
Gavin Cutler Mackcut Editor
Pamela Petruski Mackcut Assistant Editor
Gina Pagano Mackcut Executive Producer
Tim Davies Yours Truly Kevin Executive Creative Producer/Partner
Mike Dalzell Yours Truly Kevin Head Of CG
Steve Gibbons Yours Truly Kevin 2D Artist
Bobby Murdock Yours Truly Kevin 2D Artist
Tony Petitti Yours Truly Kevin 2D Artist
Matt Longwell Yours Truly Kevin 3D Artist
Carl Harders Yours Truly Kevin 3D Artist
Greg Mawicke Yours Truly Kevin 3D Artist
Nico Sugleris Yours Truly Kevin 3D Artist
Sue Troyan Yours Truly Kevin Senior Executive Producer/ Partner

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

A man bursts in to his friend's apartment to find him binge-watching TV in a stupor. The man makes his screen-dazed friend smell Old Spice deodorant in an attempt to revive him for a night out with his buddies. He then picks up his friend, braves an exploding microwave and crashes through a top story window, exclaiming that "the guys are waiting" in an action-packed scene. Old Spice says to never let a friend lose his Swagger.


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