Gold Spike

Demo Film


Product / ServiceBERLEI
CategoryA04. Production Design / Art Direction
Additional Company HECKLER Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Justin Drape The Monkeys Group CCO & Cofounder
Vince Lagana The Monkeys Executive Creative Director
Barbara Humphries The Monkeys Creative Director
Chloe Banicevic The Monkeys Senior Art Director
Archie Murugaser The Monkeys Senior Copywriter
Mark Green The Monkeys Group CEO & Cofounder
Matt Michael The Monkeys Managing Director
Kelly Spence The Monkeys Group Account Director
Kezia Quinn The Monkeys Group Account Director
Shannon Duhig The Monkeys Content Director
Greig Carlow The Monkeys Content Executive
Fabio Buresti The Monkeys Executive Planning Director
Michael Hogg The Monkeys Head of Planning
Charlotte Marshall The Monkeys Strategic Planner
Thea Carone The Monkeys Head of Production
Kaija Wall The Monkeys Senior Broadcast Producer
Sonia Ebrington The Monkeys Senior Integrated Producer
Cathryn Cooper The Monkeys Junior Producer
Leilani Croucher Revolver/Will O'Rourke Director
Michael Ritchie Revolver/Will O'Rourke Managing Director/Executive Producer
Pip Smart Revolver/Will O'Rourke Executive Producer
Alex Kember Revolver/Will O'Rourke Producer
Stefan Duscio n/a Director Of Photography
Helen Fitzgerald n/a Production Designer
Odd Studio Odd Studio Boob Ball Models
The Glue Society The Glue Society Editor
Natalie Jane Harvey Citizen Jane Casting Director
Meg Drummond Song Zu Producer
Simon Kane Song Zu Sound Engineer
Karl Richter Level Two Music Music Director
Jamie Watson Heckler VFX Supervisor
Bonnie Law Heckler Executive Producer
Amy Jarman Heckler VFX Producer
Greg Constantaras Heckler Colourist

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Our Berlei Sport film opens on a ball flying through the air in a colorful sports court. As it spins towards camera it’s revealed it is not merely a ball, but a silicon ‘boob ball’, which is hit in slow motion by a pink tennis racket. We then see multiple ‘boob balls’ recoiling in slow motion to the impact of various sports, from tennis to gym, basketball to boxing. They bounce like real sports balls impact like breast tissue - a painful metaphor for how women’s breasts move differently in different sports. Finally we reach a super that is a call to action to viewers– “stop your boobs playing their own game.” Five women are now revealed, each playing a different sport and wearing a different bra from the range, before resolving with our message: Berlei is ‘The best support for sport.’

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Australian women are playing more sport than ever before, but sadly, 37% of women are not wearing a sports bra while they exercise, and were not aware of the damage exercising without support was causing. Berlei are the Australian pioneer in sports bras, with first hand biometric research from their official partnership with The Australian Institute of Sport. They knew women needed to select their sports bras in the same way they would select any other piece of specialized sports equipment. In order to get our message across, we needed an impactful and memorable execution that educated about the problem, whilst standing out against the usual fashion based advertising of Berlei’s competitors. Using colorful environment and a pop soundtrack we also kept the tone modern and playful. The film was developed by a female creative team and also directed by a female director, ensuring empathy with our audience.

Tell the jury about the production design/art direction. You may wish to comment on choices, challenges or effects.

The production design of this spot works to create a visually arresting and provocative film. We worked with an Oscar & BAFTA award winning prosthetics company to create 15 boob balls of different sizes, skin colours and softness', based on the physics of sports balls and the vulnerability and irregularity of breast tissue. We tested the prototypes with different camera frame rates, locked that off, then ensured they then embodied the diversity of skin colour. All of this placed live in a stylised gymansium/ball court set that was designed to embrace the women and the bras they were wearing.


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