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Roslee Yusof Freeflow Productions Pte Ltd Director
Jill Soong Freeflow Productions Pte Ltd Executive Producer
Ploy Santhancai Freeflow Productions Pte Ltd Producer
Nadira Bmz Freeflow Productions Pte Ltd Producer
Alan Yap Freelance Director Of Photography
Chris Koh Freelance Art Director
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Write a short summary of what happens in the film

A wedding speech by a groom with the starting line: “I would like to thank Ma and Pa for being the worst parents in the world”, is a sharp hook that doesn’t need a bait. Uncomfortable glances. Disapproving looks. The groom accompanies his speech with a slideshow of pictures from his childhood, in all of which he looks unhappy. He lists all the times his parents were thrifty, giving him a childhood different from his peers. Will this end in a heated row, or a tearful, embarrassing melt-down? The mood then suddenly shifts as the father ruffles his son’s hair. Cue moving music. A series of pictures from his childhood showing him having a blast. In being ‘the worst parents’, by planning for their retirement, instead of splurging on luxuries – they are now the best parents: the financial burden of needing to financially care for them is eased significantly.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Parents tend to want to provide the best for their children, giving them everything they can afford. In family-centric societies, like those in Asia, when children become mature adults, they generally feel duty-bound to financially support their parents. Health naturally deteriorates with age, and medical bills can be insurmountable. This creates the problem where when children grow up to have families of their own, they need to financially look after their parents as well as their own children: they are the sandwiched generation. This commercial makes people rethink this age-old practice, and to consider the solution of a retirement plan. By splurging less on the frills for their children, and by taking care of themselves financially, they do not depend on their children during their silver years. Hence, when children go on to have families, they would not feel the pressure of being sandwiched between two generations.

Tell the jury anything relevant about the direction. Do not name the director.

What was make or break about this commercial is the twist — when we realise the groom actually appreciates his parents and does not think they are ‘The Worst Parents in the World’. The director had to pay significant attention to that moment, and portray the father-son relationship in a manner where viewers realise that the dynamic of their relationship is one of constant ribbing. One slight misstep and the groom could come across looking purely spiteful and ungrateful, putting off viewers, instead of delighting and touching them. A traditional speech can also be monotonous. To fully engage the viewer, draw them in, and grip them, the director incorporated the photo slideshow. This adds another visual layer, of grainy, textured still photography, that acts as a time portal, transporting viewers and letting them journey through the memories of the groom.


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