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CategoryA06. Editing
Idea Creation 2 THE PRECINCT Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Michelle Galluzzo The Precinct Creative Director
Henry Motteram The Precinct Executive Producer
Emma Plummer The Precinct Producer
Richard Vilensky The Precinct Director
Dan Freene ACS DOP
Jason Halayko Freelance Photographer
Nicholas Lever The Precinct Editor
Scott Walmsley Freelance Editor
Joseph Wong Freelance Editor
Beto Prado The Precinct Animator
Fernanda Perez The Precinct Animator
Angela Cerasi Freelance Colourist
Piers McDonald The Precinct Online Editor
Peter McCorquodale McCrocodile Sound Engineer
Mike Hemmingway MKTG Regional Business Director
Stephanie Tyan MKTG Head of Strategy
Mark Tipper JLL Regional Brand Director APAC

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

There’s a lot that lies between a climber and reaching the top. Strength. Skill. Mental state. All before an ascent has even begun. And then there’s the challenge of sports climbing. ‘Stories of Ambition’ is an 8-part series that delves into the complex world of sports climbing, where athletes need to excel in three different climbing disciplines to succeed in the new Olympic combined format of speed, lead and boulder. In this episode, India’s number one female climber, Siddhi’s Menerikar's goal to improve her climbing technique is proving difficult due to India's lack of climbing walls of international standards. During training camp, world-class coach Ian Dunn gives Siddhi a lesson in speed climbing - a discipline she has little experience in but will need to improve to make a name for herself on the world stage.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Sports Climbing is an Olympic sport comprised of three disciplines: Lead, Speed and Boulder. Lead climbing is a test of endurance and focus as climbers attempt to scale a 15 meter wall within six minutes. In bouldering, climbers have four minutes to top as many problems as possible. And speed climbing is a dynamic 15 meter sprint where the first person to reach the top, wins. Athletes will need to perform well in all three disciplines to make it to the podium - with the final rankings being determined by the best overall climber.

Tell the jury anything relevant about the edit. Do not name the editor.

A ‘cinematic documentary’ style best describes how the shots and scenes flow into each other both visually and from a narrative perspective. Editing feels kinetic, considered, and works to gently cross the threads of our characters and ties them them together. The edit is made up of two parallel storylines. The first is the athletes backstory - a cinematic portrayal of their unique situation and challenges in their home town, where bold centred framing, natural light and deliberate movement form sophisticated portraits of our athletes. The backstory is intercut with real time 'fly on the wall' style filming of training camp, where the athletes have come together to train with world class coach Ian Dunn. Throughout the edit, 'trick cuts’ take us seamlessly from scene to scene, and we find energy in the contrast from natural to urban landscapes, night to day, setbacks and achievements.


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