Short List
Product / ServiceWILDAID
CategoryA10. Animation
Production TYO DINER Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Masanori Tagaya GREY TOKYO Executive Creative Director
Gaku Takai GREY TOKYO Associate Creative Director
Koji Yamamura YAMAMURA Animation Animator / Director
Kentaro Kinoshita TYO DINER Producer
Seiya Konno TYO DINER Production Manager
Airi Yamawaki WILDAID Campaign Producer
Senzo Ueno Freelance Director Of Photography
Chiho Nishiwaka GREY TOKYO Designer
Megmi Fukuda GREY TOKYO Associate Account Director
Shinnosuke Ogura GREY TOKYO Account Executive
Rui Nago GREY TOKYO Executive Planning Director
Yosuke  Hamada  GREY TOKYO Agency Producer
Koji Kasamatsu Freelance Sound Effect
Hitomi Shimizu Freelance Music
Maria Takaoka Mt.MELVIL Digital Designer
Mitsuru Nishimurra Freelance Photographer
Takaomi Tomura Nomad MA
Joji Asaoka Freelance Making Editor
Kennedy Taylor Freelance Captions Translations
Ryohei Ishizuka GREY TOKYO Digital Producer
Daigo Hayamizu GREY TOKYO Chief Operating Officer
Sayaka Adachi GREY TOKYO Account Executive
Soichi Murayama Platinum, Inc. Public Relations
Maika Morimoto Platinum, Inc. Public Relations

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

This animation was made with 500 wood Hanko to tell the tragic cycle of ivory Hanko. It underscores the urgency of choosing sustainable materials instead of ivory, which cost at elephants’ lives.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Hanko is used as official signatures in Japan. Due to the importance, many people buy Hanko of ivory, which is believed to be the most luxurious material. However, most Japanese people are unaware of the tragic truth behind ivory Hanko.

Tell the jury about type(s) of animation used and summarise any relevant challenges or techniques.

This stop motion animation was made using 500 wood Hanko pressed onto 2400 sheets of paper and shot sheet-by-sheet. The challenging parts are to create illustrations on the small area of Hanko (21mm in diameter) and to tell the story clearly by combining these illustrations.


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