Silver Spike

Demo Film


Product / ServiceMAKEUP
CategoryA10. Animation
Idea Creation SHISEIDO CO., LTD. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production TOWER FILM Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Masato Kosukegawa Shiseido Co., Ltd. Creative Director
Mika Ishii Shiseido Co., Ltd. Producer
Yoshito Imai Tower Film Producer
Masahiro Kijima Tower Film Producer
Kenji Nishina Freelance Line Producer
Aya Ueki Shiseido Co., Ltd. Copy Writer
Mike Burns Shiseido Co., Ltd. Copy Writer
Tomoaki Yamura Shiseido Co., Ltd. Web Director
Hidenori Tsumoto Freelance Production Supervisor
Sho Yamamoto Tower Film Production Manager
Show Yanagisawa Freelance Director
Senzo Ueno Freelance Cinematographer
Senzo Ueno Freelance Cinematographer
Akio Fujita Freelance Camera Assist
Masachio Nishida Freelance Lighting Director
Isao Kato Freelance Lighting Assist
Yui Miyamori Freelance Production Designer
Takeru Sakai Freelance Stylist
Arisa Shimoda Freelance Stylist Assist
Hirofumi Kera Shiseido Co., Ltd. Hair&Makeup
Sawako Yuri Shiseido Co., Ltd. Hair&Makeup
Sachiko Hayashi Shiseido Co., Ltd. Hair&Makeup
Jun Nakamura Shiseido Co., Ltd. Hair&Makeup
Kumiko Kurogi Shiseido Co., Ltd. Hair&Makeup
Yuka Ishiduka Shiseido Co., Ltd. Hair&Makeup
Rei Matsui Shiseido Co., Ltd. Hair&Makeup
Nannan Shindo Shiseido Co., Ltd. Hair&Makeup
Ayako Okudo Office SABFA Hair&Makeup
Midori Suzuki Office SABFA Hair&Makeup
Mai Ozeki Office SABFA Hair&Makeup
Seiko Harada Office SABFA Hair&Makeup
PSYCHE . Freelance Choreographer
Yuko Yamamoto Freelance Management of Choreographer
AYANA . Freelance Dancer
AIRI . Freelance Dancer
SAORI . Freelance Dancer
Kenji Nishina Freelance Casting
Yoshiko Inada PROCEED CO., Ltd. Casting
Ryogo Tachiwada Chapters film DIT
Shigeru Hagiwara KYOURITSU KOUGEI Co,Ltd Motion Control Chief Operator
Keisuke Yamamoto KYOURITSU KOUGEI Co,Ltd Motion Control Operator
Kenichi Sasaki IEMOTO inc. Flame Artist
Takashi Tanaka Freelance Editer
Futoshi Yamauchi slanted 3D CG Director, Production Head
Naohiro Kawaguchi Freelance 3D CG Director
Shinji Santoh Freelance 3D CG Executive Producer
Atsushi Ueta Freelance 3D CG Production Manager
Erito Ayaki Freelance Mixer
Masayuki Sato Freelance Mixer
Kazuyoshi Tonami YUGE inc. MUSIC Director
Yuma Yamaguchi Freelance MUSIC Composer
Mara Carlyle Freelance MUSIC Singer
Yoshio Nakamura Freelance Sound Efect
Masanobu Hiraoka Caviar 2D Animation
Masaki Watanabe Freelance Title layout
Ben Conkey TOKYO Colorist
Hanako Tabata Freelance Editer
ELENA AN Freelance Cast
Rina Fukushi Freelance Cast
ENDo . Freelance Cast

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

A journey into the night. A costume party in full flow. But Princess Kaguya has a decision to make: Samurai Zombie or Dracula?

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Creating a website movie to communicate “power of makeup” in the season of Halloween. Under the concept of “Makeup makes you brave,” we created a story where a woman confesses her love another woman. LGBT issues is not often discussed or brought up in Japan, but Shiseido became the first leading company in Japan that created a movie with this particular theme.

Tell the jury about type(s) of animation used and summarise any relevant challenges or techniques.

To complete this time-lapse animation, we shot 2000 pieces of high-resolution-photographs, and stated 4-days studio-shooting. The actresswas taken a picture that herhead was completely fixed and the motion-control-camera moved in millimeters with a carefully calculated trajectory around herface. Since the content runs through whole day, wehad to reproduce lighting from night to morning and morning to evening together with the movement of the camera. It was shooting with a steady manual operation that changes the lighting around the sun changing every minute every frame. To synthesize the animation of makeup character, we used the lighting data of all cuts of panoramic camera recorded at the studio. We corrected the position of herface one-by-one manually, successfully tracking. Since the camera moves around herface, it was challenging to match with the animation of makeup Showcasing unprecedented ‘time-lapse-animation with humanbeing’ technology, the film captures the vitality of fantasy world in deep immersive way.


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