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Carlos Camacho Wunderman Thompson ECD
simon welsh Wunderman Thompson ECD
Kiefer McKenzie Wunderman Thompson ACD
san ngan Wunderman Thompson AD
Jam Wu Wunderman Thompson CD
Anthony Leung Wunderman Thompson Producer
Pocky Chau Wunderman Thompson Producer
Chee Suphatanasilpa Wunderman Thompson Art Director
Andy Wong Wunderman Thompson ACD

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film follows the story of a typical girl in Hong Kong who is sexually assaulted. Using numbers as a storytelling mechanic, the film leads to a helpline that women can call to report sexual violence.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

The Women’s Foundation wanted to create a campaign that would raise awareness of sexual violence in Hong Kong and give women the help and support they need. They wanted a way to highlight the statistic that 1 in 7 women will experience sexual violence, and to create a film that shows that there are real women behind these numbers.

Provide the full film script in English.

Numbers F/VO Our lives are determined by a series of numbers. You were born at 5:48, and weighed 3.5 kilograms. You collected a new number of candles each year, and in school you went from year 1 to year 13. Your friends went from 3 to 5 to 12. Your allowance went from a pittance to a paycheck. And at home, Dad was number 1. Then Mum was number 1. Then Dad again, and then mum again. And then, came the boys. Ahh the boys… The first, the second, the third. Then the fourth. The lovely fourth. Fourth always understood you. And fourth always made you laugh. You spent hours playing together, hours eating together, hours dancing together. One step, two step, three step, four. He loved you unconditionally. At least, you thought he did. But then, the numbers turned cruel. Because whilst you were with four, there was a fifth. You didn’t want a fifth. But he forced himself upon you. And what could you do? He was stronger than you, he was older than you. But worst of all, he was forever your fifth. And four…four couldn’t take it. Because even though he was your fourth. You were his first. And he would forever be haunted by fifth. You wished this was the end, but numbers have a tendency to spiral. At least, you were safe at work, that is, until one grab turned into one grope. And that grope turned into a grapple. And suddenly, you were on six. You never wanted six, but six wanted you. And now you were too ashamed to admit it. So you kept it to yourself. Until your self-worth settled on zero. And there you were, scared and alone. Just one in a city of seven million. But you were wrong. You weren’t alone. ENDFRAMES SUPER: In Hong Kong, 1 in 7 women will experience sexual violence SUPER: but 9 in 10 say nothing. SUPER: Together we can change the numbers. SUPER: [TWF logo] Call 2592 8265 to report sexual violence


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