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CategoryC02. Use of Social in a PR campaign
Entrant Company REDDER ADVERTISING Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
Advertising Agency REDDER ADVERTISING Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM

The Campaign

With aim to own TET strategic occasion of family reunion, Vinacafé launches THE LOVE CUP campaign to reinforce Vinacafé’s brand positioning “True coffee experience for true moments” and reach out to the youth, going beyond our heritage image. Our strategy is to help release the tension in love expression between generations by ESTABLISHING THE GESTURE OF GIVING A VINACAFÉ CUP AS THE EXPRESSION OF LOVE. The execution has 3 phases: first, a viral clip featuring young influencers reveals the tension of awkwardness; then, Vinacafé offers the solution with the LOVE CUPS collection; finally, we capture most inspiring love-spoken-stories to celebrate a TET full of love spoken out, thanks to Vinacafé. The campaign was a huge success: 500,000 Vinacafé Tet hampers soldout. Vinacafé became the top 5 Tet campaigns in Vietnam (Millard Brown), as well as the most successful branded content Tet 2015 on Youtube Vietnam with 8,034,882 views total, over 300,000 shares counted on Facebook only, generated over 2,000,000 online consumer interactions and more than 200 earned media coverage along with 125,866,564 impressions earned, over 15,000,000 reach on fanpage Vinacafé. Vinacafe campaign is built on the story of young people trying to overcome awkwardness to speak out love to their beloved elder. By making the brand role as “love expression enabler” and producing strong content with talkability, Vinacafé naturally earned it's way into audience’s conversation, changed their behaviour – speak out their unspoken love, and built good image with not only their current consumers but also the promising generation of youth.

The Brief

To boost sales in Tet, open to the wider range of consumers for both the old and the youth, but still in line and leverage the brand positioning "True Coffee Experience for True Moment", Vinacafe Cup of Love campaign was created to make Vinacafe Tet hampers the meaningful gift trend in Tet 2015. The campaign was expected to create the talk of the town, engaging a big majority of the consumers into the conversation, change their behavior & call them to action: buy a Vinacafe Tet hamper as a means to speak out love to their parents who truly deserve such an expression. And we really made it happen.


Thanks to excellent insight, a strong big idea and good execution, the campaign was a huge domestic success. 500,000 Vinacafé TET Gift Packs were sold out, meaning 500,000 families are enabled to speak out their love to their beloved in Vietnam Tet 2015. Beside 125,866,564 impressions earned, over 15,000,000 people reached on Vinacafé fanpage, more than 2,000,000 online consumer interactions with Vinacafe contents, over 200 earned media articles on key media channel. Vinacafé also became the the most successful branded content Tet 2015 on YouTube Vietnam with a total of 8,034,882 views across all clips, over 300,000 shares – counted on Facebook only; all Vinacafe branded-TVCs and viral clips were all featured on YouTube Trends Dashboards, as most shared, most viewed and most popular videos in many days. Vinacafe campaign became top 5 Tet campaigns 2015 (Millard Brown research), proving Vinacafé to be the most loved and talked about coffee brand last Tet.


The execution has 3 phases: IGNITE: We release a viral clip with young influencers being challenged to call and speak out love to their parents. There came unexpected responses: “What do you want?” “Are you crazy?”… It is revealed that, parents were also unfamiliar to kids’ love expression notwithstanding they want them to do so. ENGAGE: Then, VINACAFÉ TET Gift Pack including the CUP OF LOVE with cool, young love expressions printed on appeared as a solution through TVC. Alongside, we ran Love Cup activation in which we delivered a thousand CUPS OF LOVE to parents on behalf of their children. ADVOCATE: Finally, we amplified the love spoken out by another viral clip featuring 3 most inspiring love-spoken-out real stories: a drug addict, an afterbirth woman, and an 85-year-old man. This viral clip puts a happy ending and a call-to-action to a TET full of love, thanks to Vinacafé.

The Situation

‘TET’ or the Lunar New Year is the most important festival in Vietnam, the moment of heritage as well as a reminder for all hearts to turn home. As a heritage brand, which sells well to the mature consumers but is losing touch with young generation, Vinacafé finds TET the strategic occasion to rejuvenate our heritage story, closing the gap with young generations, as well as strengthening the bond with existing elder consumers, making the brand the most talked about and loved on this special occasion.

The Strategy

The campaign aims to touch 2 targets: core as THE YOUNG (aged 18-25, coffee drinker but feeling distant to heritage equity of Vinacafé) and secondary as THE OLD (aged 35-50, Vinacafé drinkers). Vinacafé dug down to the tension in connection between our current elder consumers and younger generation and realized: young people find it awkward to speak out love to their parents, while those unspoken words are the gift parents most desire. Fuelled by this insight, we enable them to speak out love to their parents with Vinacafé Cup of Love tailor-made in their cool, youthful voice. And, we make the action of giving this a ritual of love expression, representing Vinacafé turning TET moments into true moments of love, bringing brand positioning to life.


Name Company Position
Mr. Toan, Nguyen Dinh Masan Consumer Head of Marketing
Ms. Trang, Nguyen Thi Hong Masan Consumer Associate Director
Ms. Dung, Hoang Le Thuy Masan Consumer Brand Manager
Ms. Kim Masan Consumer Copywriter
Mr. Hung, Vo Redder Advertising Joint Stock Co. CEO
Ms. Hang, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Redder Advertising Joint Stock Co. Head of PR
Ms. Mai, Le Redder Advertising Joint Stock Co. Senior Creative Manager
Ms. Nghi, Phan Thi Thao Redder Advertising Joint Stock Co. Associate Planner (Acting)