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Product / ServiceINSURANCE
CategoryA01. Corporate Reputation & Communication
Advertising Agency BBDO GUERRERO Makati City, THE PHILIPPINES
Production Company POSTMANILA Makati City, THE PHILIPPINES


Name Company Position
David Guerrero BBDO Guerrero Chief Creative Officer, Copywriter
Tony Harris BBDO Guerrero Chief Executive Officer
Dale Lopez BBDO Guerrero Executive Creative Director, Art Director
Rachel Teotico-Yulo BBDO Guerrero Creative Director, Copywriter
Jamie Que BBDO Guerrero Copywriter
Emman Carandang BBDO Guerrero Art Director
Ombet Traspe BBDO Guerrero General Manager
CJ Roque BBDO Guerrero Head of Accounts
Roshan Nandwani BBDO Guerrero Head of Digital
Ethel Dino-Datario BBDO Guerrero Group Account Director
Larah Lee BBDO Guerrero Senior Account Manager
Cristina Buenaventura BBDO Guerrero Deputy Head of Planning
Gail Narcisa BBDO Guerrero Digital Designer
Idda Aguilar Just Add Water Producer
Ino Magno Just Add Water Producer
Lyle Sacris Film Pabrika Director
Belle Tiongco Pru Life UK SVP and Chief Marketing Officer
Harish Agarwal Pru Life UK Senior Regional Manger- Brand, Advertising, and Research
Joy Panaguiton BBDO Guerrero Final Artist

The Campaign

Pru Life UK, a subsidiary of UK-based Prudential plc, is a leading life insurance company in the Philippines with a history of community investment and supporting disadvantaged regions in the Philippines. In an intensely competitive life insurance market, Pru Life UK needed to increase its top-of-mind recall and cut through the clutter. Being a foreign insurer, it also wanted to further its perception as a locally relevant, social purpose-led brand. In May 2015, Pru Life UK leveraged the Pacquaio/Mayweather boxing match to launch a digitally led brand campaign in Philippines, supported with on-ground activation and a strong PR story. The strategy was to “support the supporters” of Pacquaio, rather than the boxer himself as other brands were doing. The centrepiece of the story was a remote island in Philippines called Bantayan, which had been devastated by a deadly typhoon in 2013. Pru Life brought the fight live to them. The company produced and distributed 100,000 red bandanas, which created a movement of support for the fighters on Bantayan Island, Cebu. The campaign relied on PR and word of mouth to gain traction. It resulted in record video views and highly positive sentiment around the brand. 4M+ views made the film the most watched fight day ad. We received 500% earned media on YouTube. And got the attention of all major newspapers and networks. We got organically picked up by major local newspapers and TV channels. Almost every major newspaper carried our Bandana images while reporting on the Manny fight.

The Brief

Manny Pacquaio is the most popular sporting icon in Philippines and the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquaio fight was billed as the “fight of the century”. There was enormous public excitement around the fight and Pru Life UK wanted to use this momentum to - Increase its top-of-mind brand awareness - Get the agency force excited - Emotionally engage its target audience which would provide an opportunity for sales people to start a conversation which could then translate into higher sales - Positively influence key brand attributes - Become part of the Filipino culture


Almost all major newspapers, blogs and TV stations captured images of people wearing our bandanas on the streets of Philippines supporting their hero Manny Pacquiao. - 18 million people reached in 7 days, an overall reach in excess of 40 million - A 75% increment in top-of-mind brand awareness - Extremely positive response from the agency force leading to a 21% YOY increment in sales for H1 - Massively engaging, with 370,000 likes, 7,000 comments and 24,000 shares just on Facebook - 7% click-through rate for videos on Facebook - Estimated PR value of Php 74,501,280 (USD 16M+).


We worked with the mayor of Bantayan to bring everything from generators to projectors, seats and amplifiers to the island. We relied heavily on word of mouth, organic PR and the digital medium to spread our message. Two days before the fight, we produced and distributed 100,000 ‘Go Manny’ red bandanas across Philippines. The red bandanas became a symbol of support for Manny Pacquaio. On social media, we asked people to show their support for the fighters of Bantayan by posting their photos wearing a red bandana. Each photo or hashtag (#ForEveryPinoyFighter) resulted in Pru Life UK donation for Bantayan’s recovery. We engaged the influencer community to talk about our campaign and to get people to show their support by uploading their pictures. We also activated the PR team who captured the change in photos and images from stadiums of people wearing the red bandanas and distributed it to local media.

The Situation

The local media spending by other competitive brands like Insular, Sunlife and Manulife is 2-3 times the size of Pru Life UK’s media budget. With bigger budgets and large-scale marketing campaigns, they were able to generate higher top-of-mind recall for their brands. All of these brands were fighting for consumer mind space.In such highly cluttered life insurance space, Pru Life UK was struggling to be seen and heard. It needed to find a way to be more recognized and accepted within the local communities. Being a foreign insurer, it also wanted to further its perception as a locally relevant brand.

The Strategy

The strategy was to use the momentum of the fight to create conversations with our audience which could then be supported with an ongoing social media and digital campaign. We wanted to do something different than just advertising during the commercial break of the fight. And we wanted people and media to talk about it. So we brought the fight live to 10 communities across some remote islands of Philippines which would otherwise have not been able to watch it live. Unlike other sports, boxing has no one way of showing allegiance to your icon. Taking a piece of our brand identity (Lady Prudence in the Pru Life logo also wears a red bandana), we produced and distributed 100,000 ‘Go Manny’ red bandanas. We asked people to show their support for these Filipino fighters by posting a photo wearing the bandana. Each photo or hashtag (#ForEveryPinoyFighter) resulted in a donation for Bantayan’s recovery.