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CategoryD01. Integrated Campaign led by PR
Entrant Company HS AD Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Advertising Agency HS AD Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

The Campaign

Korea ranked No.1 in elderly poverty rate among OECD members and one third of the population of old people(about 1.75 million people) collect the recycling papers for a living. So the national government presents various plans for them, but only 1% of the older people have benefit from them. Our goal is to create a social movement that every people can play a role to actually help the elderly people. By changing public attitudes, we wanted to raise awareness about the issue and increase the number of donators. The best way to help the older people is not a temporary policy but a change in all of us who just litter the trash on the street that it gets the older people into risk of accidents. So we distributed Orange Ribbon and led people to tie the papers with the ribbon and put a sticker on it. Through a social movement, we wanted to present a positive change in our society. In order to create a social movement, we started Orange Ribbon campaign in a small town in Seoul in April 2015. We created a video about the issue to generate buzz and have been distributing Orange Ribbon to more and more people. As a result, Orange Ribbon raised awareness of the elderly people. Lots of people started to notice about the issue and share it via various SNS. Orange Ribbon initiated people to actually tie the recycling papers, and it created buzz from press releases as well as government.

The Brief

Our goal is to encourage people to participate in Orange Ribbon campaign and make them be the consistent donator for the elderly people. To protect the elderly people from the accidents, government presents a lot of plans and policies for them, but the reality is that only 1% of them have benefit. So instead of leaning towards the policies that is only useful for 1% of them, we found that tiny changes in public attitudes can actually help the elderly people and make a big change to the society.


- Output/Awareness: The donation rate is increased by 250% and the number of website visitors is increased by 300% up to now, and release about the elderly people collecting the recycling papers increased by 480%. - Knowledge/Consideration: Orange Ribbon campaign video ranked No.1 in Consumers’ Preference category in Korea’s TVCM evaluation website( and the campaign is exposed to 22,000 citizens in Seoul. 91.2% agreed to participate in Orange Ribbon campaign and 84.7% notified to consistently donate for those who collect the papers - Action/Business Impact: the number of hash tag ‘#오렌지리본’ increased by 1050% and the number of time people share our video clip increased by 12520%. The number of followers of The Beautiful Foundation increased by 3000% and a member of National Assembly Mr.Lee Mok Hee made a positive comment about Orange Ribbon and proposed a bill for the elderly people who collect the recycling papers for a living.


Orange Ribbon campaign has started in a small town in Seoul in April 2015. We created a video about the process of the Orange Ribbon campaign to encourage viewers to be aware of the issue and participate to make change in a society. Also, we distributed Orange Ribbon for free for those who visit our website so that they can spontaneously share it via SNS. Especially, Orange Ribbon campaign quickly spread through 2030 target audiences like the ice bucket challenge that they shared the moments they use Orange Ribbon.

The Situation

The Beautiful Foundation, Korea’s representative non-profit charity, has been focusing on the problems that older people are facing. The population ages fast in Korea and Korea ranked No.1 in elderly poverty rate among OECD members that age 65 and older are facing poor living standards. And, one third of them collect the recycling papers for a living and they are exposed to risk of various accidents.

The Strategy

We believed that the best way to help the elderly people is to create a social movement that encourages spontaneous participation. People who just litter the recycling papers on the street can be the major contributors who cause the various accidents, but they also can be the problem-solvers who can actually help the elderly people to safely carry the papers. In order to encourage unconcerned people to participate in Orange Campaign, we used offline PR, viral videos, and SNS activities to make a big change in the society.


Name Company Position
Kyoung Hwae Kim HS Ad Creative Director
Hak Soo Lim HS Ad Art Director
Ye Kyung Lee HS Ad Copy Writer
Ju Hee Kang HS Ad Assistant Art Director
Ji Young Kim HS Ad Account Executive
Chang Ho Seo HS Ad Account Executive
Yong Kyun Jung Museum contents Director
Youn Soo Kim Museum contents Executive Producer
Jun Seok Bang Museum contents Assistant Director
Katie Kim Museum contents Line Producer
Jong Kwan Kim Museum contents D.O.P
Young Hoon Jang Shakespeare and company Editor
Hyung Kyung Lee Shakespeare and company 2D Designer
Jae Seung Yoo Audio lab Sound supervisor