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CategoryC02. Use of Social in a PR campaign

The Campaign

WeChat, the No. 1 mobile-phone instant messenger, launch a charity campaign, the voice donor, to read books for the blinds and illiteracy. Consumers can register and gain a text via WeChat. Once they respond and upload to WeChat, the system will automatically combine the voice into voice-books. The second stage, WeChat is facing the issue of low intention to participate. How to make this campaign interesting and fun to take part in is the key challenge? The Voice Donor 2.0 first collaborated with media, then used celebrities to further maximize the communication effects. The overall campaign is mainly PR driven, and media relationship oriented. The total campaign starts from “the Voice of China” collaboration. The TV show host demonstrates how to register and to do charity during the program. This has created lots of impact and drives young target audience to try when they have fragmented time. Celebrities followed the host and invited their fans to participate. Eventually this charity has aroused much attention, and created a positive competition among celebrities – who has influenced more fans and whose fans complete the voice books fastest. Currently, more than 112 voice books have been completed. Voice Donor 2.0 was not only followed by famous national newspapers, but also reported by influential TV stations like CCTV.

The Brief

WeChat wants to utilize this communication campaign to increase the preference of this instant messenger. Though WeChat has already accumulated massive users, and active behaviors on WeChat 12 hour per day – it has become more of a habit than a preferable experience. To create the cooperation social responsibility image of WeChat, it is the key objective for this communications.


More than 21 celebrities volunteered to lead the voice donation. Echoed by more than 50 celebrities. Social media viewership reaches 210 millions, and independent visitors over 600,000 times. There are 1,200,000 donators and in average, they donate 4.9 times. Currently, WeChat consistently receive 100,000 voice donations, and already finish 112 voice books. Main stream media, including CCTV, major Newspapers, and internet news all reported positively. It also makes WeChat from an popular app to an app people will be proud to use.


WeChat collaborated with one of the most popular program, “the voice of China” at the first stage. Hua Shao, the host, invited the audience to do voice donation together with him during live broadcast, challenged everyone to see how fast they could complete a voice book together. Eventually it only took 2 hours to finish the task. After seeing Hua Shao’s demonstration, news anchors, actors, singers, and super models all joined one after another. In the press conference, their speed of finishing a voice book becomes the evidence of popularity. It creates positive social pressure for celebrities – For instance, Li-Bin-Bin, a national icon and her fans group created the best record ever – completing the task within 20 minutes.

The Situation

WeChat has more than 600 million users. The target of voice donor is more sophisticated, well-educated social elites. Many people click “like” and forwards but lacking the intention to take action. Consumers’ surveys show that young target audience disengage from charity because it’s boring and distant – So how do we to solve the problem with a fun and entertaining twist?

The Strategy

The PR campaign was divided into two steps – firstly, to demonstrate in an important event or TV program; secondly, to explode with celebrity’s participations – to create the “competition” among celebrities, and become a social topics. The TV program needed to be truly popular. Followed by celebrities’ donation, and announcement. When increasing numbers of celebrities are involved, so are their fans. The competition among celebrities and her/his fans group will also accelerate their enthusiasm to participate. The good thing is – they compete to do charity.


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Yolanda Zheng Publicis Guangzhou Creative Director
Rocky Huang Publicis Guangzhou Creative Group Head
Janet Zhu Publicis Guangzhou Senior Art Director
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