Product / ServicePAMPERS
CategoryB01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Production Company ALBUQUERQUE FILM Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company 2 CUTTERS Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

P&G diaper brand Pampers has created a poignant short documentary digital video & special website that rewards moms for their tireless effort and hard work that they put into the first year of raising their baby. The short video follows a group of Moms who take their babies for their first annual checkup in a hospital in Japan. While each Mom & baby are in their appointment with the Doctor, we see each husband and a team of professionals busily creating a special celebration outside the Drʼs office as a means of thanking their wives for all the love & dedication for their baby they have shown over the past year. Once each Mom walks out of the Drʼs office the tears start to flow when they realize what they are witnessing. We see true genuine human moments between the loving couples and young families. All cast that were used in the video were real, so the emotions that are shown on camera are true and authentic. The digital piece of content is not just one way in which Pampers is celebrating a Momʼs first birthday. The team has also created a unique website whereby Dadʼs, families and friends can send “Happy First Birthday” messages to all Momʼs. Pampers created this campaign as a way of thanking Momʼs for the most important years of their lives to date – the year where they focused not on themselves, but the happy healthy development of their new baby.

The Brief

Pampers vision is to be 'the brand that truly understands Moms’. Pampers wanted to give Mom’s the support they needed and also provide an opportunity for Fathers to say what they couldn’t before and show appreciation for all the sacrifices that moms thought went unnoticed. To recognize this achievement Pampers gave Dads a chance to say what they couldn’t before and show appreciation for all the sacrifices that moms thought went unnoticed.


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During the hospital visit for their baby’s one-year-old health checkup, the hospital was changed into a surprise event venue using the hallways as memory lanes where dads used pictures and props to show their appreciation. We captured this moment on film to share and celebrate one of the most challenging times of their lives. Other tools were introduced such as Photobooks and an online tool for dads to write a thank you letter that was then mailed in post. Baby and Mom’s candles and birthday cards were created and distributed through cake, gift and stationary shops for Dads to celebrate Mom's first birthday.

The Situation

Japanese society still keeps traditional gender roles, the family is the woman's domain while the men go off to work. Japanese husbands on average work from 9am to 10pm and commute around 90mins. Mom's must face the daily responsibilities of raising a child with little help or support from their husbands.

The Strategy

Our strategy was 2 fold, 1) use the hospital as trigger to recognize mom’s at the baby’s one year old health check up 2) target fathers with online engagement and offline in gift and stationary shops.


Name Company Position
Jon King Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Executive Creative Director
Taketo Igarashi Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Creative Director/Copywriter
Kiyohiko Yagishita Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Creative Director
Kuniaki Yamamoto Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Copywriter
Jun Goto Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Art Director
Hiroki Kawaue Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Art Director
Tomonori Oki Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Technical Direcotor
Rumi Kubota Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Agency Producer
Koichi Sakamoto ALBUQUERQUE FILM Producer
Taira Kono Albuquerque Film Production Manager
Futoshi Takashima freelance Director
Ryosuke Kawaguchi freelance Cinematographer
Yoshiaki Ishikawa freelance Art
Shigeru Fujibayashi Aoi Studio Recording Engineer
Thomas Suess Audio Force Music Producer
Aika Miyake Cutters Tokyo Editor
Yusaku Yasuda Cutters Tokyo VFX Producer
Daniel Lovell freelance MA
Kaori Yamada Catwalk Casting
Emi Saito freelance Assistant Director