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CategoryA06. Events & Experiential (incl. stunts)
Production Company BREAKFAST FILM Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

The Campaign

Despite their long morning commutes, Koreans cannot sleep peacefully while on public transport because they are afraid to miss their stop. On the other hand, Burger King wanted to increase their morning sales. As a solution, we distributed sleeping masks with the name of different destination stops on them. With this sleeping mask, commuters were able to sleep peacefully, knowing that other people would see the message on it and kindly wake them up. And there’s something more to the sleeping mask – 2 free King Americano coupons are inside. With these coupons, morning sleepers can refresh their morning with free coffee at a Burger King themselves, or share a coupon with the person woke them up as a sign of gratitude. Both wearer and waker can not only have a pleasant morning by sharing free coffee, but also advertise Burger King’s morning coffee unintentionally and in a natural way. The campaign achieved an 18.7% increase in morning sales at participating stores. It was reported that Burger King’s brand popularity rose by 33%, and social media mentions increased by 44.5%. As per the request of many consumers, Burger King also launched this campaign in Busan, the second biggest city in South Korea. Burger King Korea is also planning to produce more sleeping masks with different station names of other cities, and is considering a new morning menu including the mask.

The Brief

The average working hours in South Korea are the second longest in the OECD,while their average amount of sleeping is the lowest.Koreans spend the longest commuting time among the OECD,with an average of 58 minutes in public transportation every morning. Our insight is based on these facts:Many Koreans are so afraid to miss their station that they cannot sleep peacefully while commuting to work. To make both Korean consumers’ mornings and Burger King Korea’s morning sales better at the same time,we created a special Burger King sleeping mask that is not only useful, but would also make their mornings more enjoyable.


- The total average in morning sales increased by 18.7% in participating Burger King stores - Social media mentions of Burger King increased by 44.5% with positive response by consumers. - Burger King’s brand popularity showed an increase of 33%. (Feb~March 2015 vs. previous month) Furthermore, Burger King Korea is planning to make more sleeping masks with other city’s station names, and is considering to introduce a new morning menu that includes the mask. But not only that – the sleeping mask wearers had priceless deep sleep, and those who saw these funny eye patches were able to share a good laugh. Though the harsh conditions of South Korea are nearly impossible to be changed, this campaign allows their mornings to be somewhat restful.


This campaign was executed from Feb. 23, 2015 until Apr. 15, 2015. First, we distributed sleeping masks around 9 Burger King outlets near 5 different subway stations stations (Gangnam, Hongik Univ., Samsung, Yeoksam, and Sinchon Station) that are the most crowded during the morning rush hour. We also gave sudden notices for the distribution spots via Burger King’s social media pages beforehand, which evoked people’s curiosity and led them to actively participate in the campaign. Though the two month-long promotion is over now, many commuters are still using the Burger King sleeping mask every morning. That is, consumers are spontaneously continuing the campaign by themselves. As per the request of numerous consumers, Burger King expanded this campaign to outlets around 8 stations in Busan, the second-biggest city in South Korea.

The Situation

Mornings in South Korea are exceptionally hard. While Koreans spend almost 1 hour on the subway or bus to commute every morning, they are too busy and nervous to peacefully take a nap because they are afraid to miss their stops. With these circumstances in mind, we decided that Burger King Korea needed a new marketing tool to catch Korean commuters’ eyes and bring them to action as well as get their positive response.

The Strategy

We learned that the morning hours in South Korea are the toughest time for both Koreans and Burger King Korea. The Korean commuters just wanted to nap peacefully on their commute, and Burger King needed to boost their morning sales. We connected their needs with the Burger King Sleeping Mask, and solved problems on both sides. The Burger King Sleeping Mask is designed with a message asking passersby to “Wake me up at XXX Station”. So the mask wearers can nap in peace, while others read the message and wake them up at the right station. Also, inside the mask are 2 free King Americano coupons. People can enjoy a free coffee from a nearby Burger King themselves, or share one with the person who woke them up. In the latter case, the wearer actively promotes Burger King on his or her own, unintentionally.


Name Company Position
Hwang sung-phil, Oh hyung-kyun Cheil Worldwide Creative Director
Hwang sung-phil, Oh hyung-kyun Cheil Worldwide Art Director
Lee da-min Freelancer Copywriter
Lee won-il, Cho kap-shin, Choi chang-eun, Kim mi-na, Jeon jee-hye Cheil Worldwide Account Executive
Han ju-hyung Nowcom Technical Director
Lee jae-chul Breakfast Film Director
So yun-sung, Park kwang-hyun Breakfast Film Assistant Director
Kim do-hyun Freelancer Cameraman
Woo sang-hyung, Park mun-kyu, Shin ji-ho, Moon han- byeol, Kim gi-tae, Choi min- Freelancer Camera assistant
Oh se-min lmagine Lighting technician
Yoo jung-min, Lim sung-ho lmagine Lighting assistant
Lee jae-youn, Lee go-eun Seoul vision Editor
Ha ju-hyun, Kim a-young, Lee won-sik, Jang seok-yong Seoul vision Frame Artist
Lee jong-woo, kwon dae-hyun, Cho sung-suk, Cho jin-woong Orange code Main composer
Park soo-yang, Park woo-baek, Lee min-young, Kim soo-jung People agency Model agency
Jeon Hyo-eun Freelancer Production copywriter
Choi ji-won JW pictures Photographer
Kim yong-un Boda communication Designer
Jang duk-won Cheil Worldwide Producer