Product / ServiceDIGITISED PAPER
CategoryA01. Innovative Technology (incl. standalone solutions not in association with a brand or creative campaign)
EntrantCARAT CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency YOREN LIMITED Shanghai, CHINA
Media Agency CARAT CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company CARAT CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Production Company AGIC Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Stella Jamie Lui Carat China GM, Digital Innovations (Head of Innovations) Creator of ICPAPER
Frank Wang Carat China Innovations Associate Director
Jake Soh Carat China Innovations Senior Manager
Shinya Shimizu AgIC Inc Ceo
Osamu Kaneda Yoren Limited Ceo
Kelon Zheng Carat China Innovations Senior Strategist
Kane Dong Carat China Innovations Strategist

The Brief

As the Innovations team in the heart of one of the world’s biggest media agencies, ‘Innovation’ is in every brief we receive. We are expected to find new, innovative ways to redefine communication; especially through digital channels. But traditional medium like TV and Print still serve vital roles as channels of communication for brands and consumers. Which led us to wonder; “What if we don’t just focus on digital channels for innovation; but redefine how we look at traditional media…maybe we can find ways to reinvent them?” We were fascinated by the evolution of printing technology;; with paper-thin batteries, LED Lights, sound chips and especially sensors; \’Sensorization' was a huge topic across major global stages like CES in Las Vegas and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Inspired by Harry Potter’s Daily Prophet with ‘alive’ pictures and the huge volumes of research we had put on printed technology & sensorization; we created an idea: We decided to digitize paper, to breathe new definition to the role of print medium, or rather, paper medium. How does this work? We developed the capabilities to pack an activator, a printed circuit, and an output onto our special piece of paper; to allow a new form of paper communication. We call this ICPAPER. The activator starts the ICPAPER customized experience. It can be a touch sensor or motion; sound; temperature or light. It can also be via the consumer’s mobile phone through NFC or ibeacon technology. A special conductive ink is used to print the designed circuit on ICPAPER to connect the activator, battery source and the output together, where consumers can experience special lighting or sound effects from our ICPAPER. ICPAPER launched at CES Asia, May 2015.

ICPAPER is designed as a global application and through integration with social platforms like WeChat & Line, consumers have an instant activation tool; their always available smart phone. Our initial launch focuses on China with expansion following across APAC then key global markets. Our partner Posterscope operates in 32 markets and control over 3bn USD in global outdoor advertising spend. We launched ICPAPER at the world acclaimed stage of innovations – CES Asia 2015. Across 3 days, we demonstrated ICPAPER technology to over 20,000 delegates & global marketers. ICPAPER generated over 100 media reports including the AdvertisingAge, Forbes, and Campaign. It was identified as “revolutionary innovation to challenge print media” by ChinaMedia360. At CES Asia, we launched with Mondelez, BMW, Nissan and adidas, featuring various innovations driven by ICPAPER. Planning is currently taking place for consumer launch across China in 2015. As a result of the CES launch we have received orders from China, Indonesia and Malaysia. ICPAPER provides consumers and brands, with new means of paper based engagement. It sets new milestone and creates new business opportunities for Carat as media agency. We can offer B2B solutions, and have the potential to sell directly to consumers via e-commerce platforms.

Consumers are demanding interactive and engaging experiences. Retailers are looking for ways to create a ‘showroom’, and differentiate their stores from online sites. Publications have seen their readers move from print to screens. ICPAPER has the potential to transform how marketers can use paper to engage and interact with consumers. The technology has 4 parts: 1. Power source 2. Sensory activator 3. Printed circuit 4. Sound and light output We have considered 4 key categories for use: Magazine & Newspapers – Touch an advert to activate different effects. OOH Posters – Activate and control a personal experience with your mobile Packaging – Reveal new content and create an immersive brand experience Customized Paper – Create bespoke interactions Working with our sister company, Posterscope – we are integrating ICPAPER into outdoor static poster units; starting with China. In Q4 2015 / Q1 2016, consumers will be able to experience ICPAPER posters on the streets and in metro stations, where they can activate using their mobile phones. We are currently also working with our Indonesian and Malaysian markets to launch in 2016. Packaging is a very interesting area with lots of opportunity. At CES Asia 2015, we showcased an ICPAPER adidas shoebox. Revealing a hidden neon message from Pharrell Williams when the box was opened. For the customized paper, we also launched a paper-thin DJ scratchboard console at CES Asia where DJ wannabes can scratch music on it. We are also currently in development of singing Red Packets targeting for Chinese New Year across the Asian countries early next year. We will never look at paper in the same way. Though our parent company, Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) we have a 250K USD innovation fund, and a 2 year plan to develop the application at global scale.