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Name Company Position
Ian Chapman-Banks SQREEM Technologies CEO
Rene Raiss SQREEM Technologies Co-Founder

The Brief

We are SQREEM Technologies, A Singapore based company, founded April 2010, privately funded with 3 million USD $ of funding, we have 20 people in the company 18 of which are Engineers & Data Scientists. our reach is Global we cover every language, every country, & our solution is Cloud hosted. Mission: Map & understand the behavioral and psychographic landscape for entire/targeted markets, while protecting privacy, using big data to accelerate productivity and human progress.   Vision: Transform the advertising industry by providing revolutionary software solutions for companies to understand their customers, plan strategies & tactics, and track performance for marketing and advertising while protecting individual privacy.   Leverage analytical engine to solve important big data problems in fraud & risk management, national security and healthcare (via spin-offs) for the greater good. What does SQREEM do and how does it work? Processing information from its vast consumer data topography, the SQREEM Engine delivers a fairly pragmatic measurement, at very large volumes. SQREEM is able to detect commonalities in consumer behavior patterns across different brands, interests, preferences, locations, activities, etc. In essence, SQREEM can identify and link separate aspects of life and behavior back to a common group of origin. The more data and processing is applied, the more refined the picture becomes. This generates the ability to produce robust predictions around the preferences and choices of any behaviorally or demographically related group of people. As a result, SQREEM is able to deliver in-depth audience profiles around brand consumers, interests, habits, preferences or any combination of attributes. In a country we take every search term ever searched daily, every website visited, every video, book, magazine read, every tweet tweeted, taking weekly date going back three years -all data is anonymous, In real time & we do not use Cookies or IP adresses

The following are the product modules we offer to Agencies and Brands our customers are Ogilvy Adverting( working on MetLife, KFC, Ponds, Tim Tams, BMW with them) directly selling to UBS Bank, DBS Bank, HSBC, Citibank, &Tiffany - we have these as paying customers 1) Deep behavioral insights - Map journey to purchase,Understand customer perception/behavior (incl. for competitors), ID opportunities for promos, new products, etc. Competition limitations - Surveys: samples, limited in scope, costly Digital tools (Google analytics, etc.): superficial & can not relate with each other Can not combine with internal data 2) Media & Content Consumption - Deep understanding of audiences of most media & content channels Psychographic & demographic segmentation (even the media owner won’t know) 3) Campaign Tracking ( Time Machine) Understand what competitors are doing & their effectiveness Measure impact of campaigns retroactively, Effective measure of brand campaign impact 4)Mobile Targeting - Ability to relate specific UID with broader behavioral segments (& cluster them) ID & reach specific target customers via SMS promotions Whats Next By Sept - A global financial map taking daily transactions data from every financial exchange & every financial behavioral globally we have developed a prospecting tool for every Bank globbaly

We are a cloud hosted solution a SAAS model as well as a managed service, here are the problems we are solving Limitations of Data Mining*: “From a technical perspective, data mining works best when three conditions are met: The nature and composition of data are not changing over time Data is complete and clean You have some idea of what you are looking for”   Limitations of conventional approaches to market research & advertising: Insights are gathered via samples with strong trade-offs between comprehensiveness and cost Results are only snapshots in time and can only be repeated infrequently Difficulty to measure impact (e.g. branding, when sales/marketing channels are different) Need to relate data to individuals or can not link surveys/data Simply limited in capturing & deciphering behavioral intent & context Even with access to large customer data, its costly and challenging; and difficult to integrate with external data (e.g. search, social) We solve all these problems with SQREEM SQREEM has Three Major Capabilities Combined to Transform Industries 1.SQREEM can relate ANY data from ALL data sources - Social, search, GPS, stock markets, corp internal data, & fuse then together & understand relationships & brand preferences and buying habits across multiple data sources 2. SQREEM engine determines RELATIONSHIPS (cause & effect dynamics) between signals & clusters (vs. correlation/similarity) Purchase jouneys, segmentation around demo & psychographic, see competitive landscape (from consumer’s perception), Identify opportunity gaps to exploit 3.SQREEM infrastructure is MASSIVELY SCALABLE across any cloud, OS, etc. & for unlimited number of customers, Cost effectively deploy anywhere to everyone We will by the Fall 2015 have behaviorally profiled two billion people in USA, China, Singapore, Australia & Philippines, by Qtr1 the rest of Asia by Qtr2 next year Europe - In Total 3 Billion people, 750,000 behaviors & around 75,000 brands/ products