CategoryA02. Creative Innovation (incl. business solutions in association with a brand or creative campaign)
EntrantCHEIL Beijing, CHINA
Entrant Company CHEIL Beijing, CHINA
Advertising Agency CHEIL Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position
Peter Shen Cheil PengTai CCO
Tommy Liou Cheil PengTai Creative Partner
Kevin zhang Cheil PengTai CD Cheil PengTai ACD
Jacky gao Cheil PengTai SAD
webb.zhang Cheil PengTai SAD
Chen ying Cheil PengTai AD
Helen song Cheil PengTai Copywriter
Eric song Cheil PengTai Technical director
William zhou Cheil PengTai Mobile technology director

The Brief

Inspiration for the App-controlled LED T-Shirt was neon lights on streets, but due to LED light's complexity of matrix connection and issue of comfort, it has been difficult to combine LED tech with people's daily life. The tech used in the LED T-shirts is consisted by three parts: 1, flexible circuit board + LED with built-in IC to increase wearabiliy and comfort of T-Shirts; 2, Bluetooth 4.0 with low power consumption, that enables remote control of the LED shirt via mobile phones; 3, sensors that collects user conditions and enact changes in the LED shirt.

In a long term it is possible to build a wearable technology system based on the LED T-shirt. LED clothing would become the master control and output of this system, and there would be more and more sensors being added to it as plug-ins, making people’s clothing more functional and expressive. “C’estbon Magic Running” campaign lasted for one month. 2371 people joined the event and Weibo received 119,075 forwards and 346,119 comments. The campaign not only showed the personality of each participant and increased the fun of sports, but also inspired more young people to participate in similar activities to continuously challenge themselves. Compared with the same period last year, Mulene increased its sales of the beverage by 17% after the campaign. At the same time, the new business model of sports+sales was established. This campaign marked the beginning of C’estbon’s foray into the Age of IoT.

This is a brand new technology and brand new product that achieved cross-field cooperation of electronics, apparel and sports. The technology turned clothing into a media platform of representing user’s characteristics and enthusiasm for sports. The next stage for this technology would be to strengthen its social properties, it is possible that we can make two T-shirts converge into one bigger LED screen, therefore turning it from a personal representation platform into a group representation platform.