CategoryA02. Creative Innovation (incl. business solutions in association with a brand or creative campaign)


Name Company Position
Avis Wong Mirum Hong Kong Creative Director
Yuki Ng Mirum Hong Kong Designer
King Yip Mirum Hong Kong Designer
Johnny Lam Mirum Hong Kong Motion Graphics
Chery Liu Mirum Hong Kong Motion Graphics
Adam Tang Mirum Hong Kong Development Team
Kevin Kwong Mirum Hong Kong Development Team
Stone Shek Mirum Hong Kong Development Team
Leo Tsui Mirum Hong Kong Account Director
Queenie Chan Mirum Hong Kong Project Manager

The Brief

Last Christmas, Starbucks Hong Kong wanted to encourage consumers to participate with its brand, drive downloads of its app and boost seasonal sales. Given the tech savvy nature of the Hong Kong public, who’ve already got an abundance of apps on their smartphones, we knew we had to think outside of the box – or in this case, to create a new one - to make them take notice, and take part. So we came up with 'Twinkle Surprise', a pay-it-forward style promotion that allowed consumers to spread Christmas cheer armed with their smartphone, the Starbucks app and an old school “Kaleidobox” created specifically for the campaign. Our idea was twofold: use an innovative and engaging technology to put a new spin on holiday e-coupons, and turn customers to brand ambassadors who would encourage friends to download the app. We devised the “Kaleidobox” so app users could share the joy of Christmas in a brand new fashion. For the first time through an app, users would be able to project a holographic video made by families or friends. This exciting opportunity was designed to excite even the most technologically advanced of users. It also allowed them to ‘gift’ their friends in an innovative way, setting their Christmas card apart from the others. The Buy One Share One concept, meanwhile, would attract customers to download and use the Starbucks app as well as to visit a store and redeem their free drink. The fun of creating and sending a holographic video message coupled with a Buy One Share One offer enticed current and new app users to embrace the spirit of Christmas.

Our 'Twinkle Surprise’ was designed to last the five week campaign period from November to December with client objectives met and overwhelmingly exceeded during that period. The easy-to-use but innovative “Kaleidobox” piqued the interest of customers from all walks of life, including the most hard-to-impress tech-savvy Hong Kong consumer. By reinventing the age-old Christmas card into a holographic video, and marrying high tech with old school in a simple but engaging way, we encouraged tens of thousands of customers to record and send heartfelt holographic video greetings and a ‘Buy One, Share One’ holiday coupon to each other. Starbucks had clear targets: they wanted a 25% increase in app downloads, aimed to get 10,000 customers to receive and send the Christmas message, and wanted a 40% drink redemption claim rate. Thanks to our “Kaleidobox”, Starbucks experienced a 300% increase in app downloads in December compared to their 2014 monthly average. More than 53,000 people used the app, participating in an active and highly engaged way with the Starbucks brand. Drink redemption rates broke all records with 20% more drinks redeemed compared to any other Starbucks campaign. For Starbucks, the innovative “Kaleidobox” was the gift that kept giving.

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ideas. Our “Kaleidobox” was a simple innovation made of cardboard and a flat piece of plastic, designed to be easily assembled and combined with a mobile app to produce a personalised holographic video. The purpose of our app-powered holographic Christmas card was to provide a business solution for Starbucks Hong Kong to help them spread Christmas cheer with customers, increase app downloads and boost drink sales during the Christmas period. We aimed to replicate the spirit of Christmas by encouraging users to send family and friends a holographic heartfelt festive video message and a Buy One Share One Coupon. To take part, customers downloaded the Starbucks app, selected one of several Christmas e-card themes, picked from a menu of greetings which they customized with the recipient’s name; then they recorded a set of selfies and added the recipient’s email address. The recipient then had to head into a Starbucks store, present the e-coupon in the email to the barista, redeem the ‘Buy One, Share One’ offer and collect a free easy-to-assemble “Kaleidobox”. They then downloaded the app, if they didn’t already have it, opened the video link and placed their phone on the Kaleidobox to project and play their 'Twinkle Surprise'. The selfies are combined with the sender’s selected greeting to generate a fun, holographic video.