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CategoryA02. Creative Innovation (incl. business solutions in association with a brand or creative campaign)


Name Company Position
Leo Tsui Mirum Hong Kong Account Supervisor
Marco Lam Mirum Hong Kong Creative Director
Stephanie Pak Mirum Hong Kong Creative Director
Maggie Leung Mirum Hong Kong Creative Director
Jenne Luk Mirum Hong Kong Project Manager
Manix Kwok Mirum Hong Kong Project Manager

The Brief

The physical jewellery shopping experience in Hong Kong had long remained the same with minimal innovation and technological advancement taking place over the past few decades. Premier jeweller Chow Sang Sang wanted to incorporate modern technology into their jewellery stores to attract and engage customers whilst helping reduce the burden of store assistants working in a busy store. The target audience consisted of web savvy women from Hong Kong between the ages of 18 to 35 so we had to ensure our ideas would capture their attention and imagination. Utilising the latest in touch screen technology, we created the Magic Mirror and Charm Table – two innovative pieces of technology that would change the way people shopped for jewellery. The Magic Mirror was designed to draw customers into stores. Customers walking by would see the Magic Mirror and immediately desire to rush in and have their fairy tale moment. The mirror let them digitally browse through Chow Sang Sang’s extensive range of necklaces and virtually try them on before taking a photo or video to share on social media, initiating a call to action and generating buzz. After using the Magic Mirror, customers would try the Charm Table where they could digitally mix and match digital charms and bracelets. Users could select the bracelet material and colour before adding charms. The table is designed for up to two people to use at once giving them the ability to virtually throw their designs across the table for friends to see. Users could upload photos of their creations onto social media to share with friends. Once they are happy with their design, they can place an order online or in store. Buyers who chose to buy in store saw their virtual bracelet immediately brought to life with a store assistant creating their bracelet.

The innovative Magic Mirror and Charm Table has transformed Chow Sang Sang into a modern brand and a pioneer among Hong Kong jewellery stores. After installing the Magic Mirror and Charm Table in a number of Chow Sang Sang stores, we successfully revitalised the jewellery shopping experience for over 5000 shoppers in just three short months. Our innovations drove customers into stores and encouraged extensive engagement both in store and online. Store staff are now more efficient as they don’t have to spend as much time helping customers select and try jewellery. At the same time, customers have easier access to jewellery, using the Magic Mirror and Charm Table without having to wait for a store assistant. The innovations have been so effective that Chow Sang Sang will be rolling out the Magic Mirror and Charm Table in stores across China. As further technological breakthroughs are made, we will continue upgrading the Magic Mirror and Charm Table to continually provide shoppers with the most innovative and immersive of jewellery shopping experiences.

With the original Magic Mirror, users would stand in front of a large touchscreen and see their own reflection, captured by a camera. The mirror's technology would determine where the user’s neck was and place a virtual necklace on them. An algorithm was developed to make the necklace extremely realistic and follow the user’s movements. Users could explore through a virtual Chow Sang Sang catalogue and try any necklace they desired. The camera can also recorded photos and videos with users able to upload them to social media by simply scanning a QR code. The Magic Mirror has since been upgraded with Samsung’s revolutionary OLED Mirror Display to provide an even more engrossing and realistic experience. A real mirror has been combined with a fully interactive digital screen whilst a Samsung Media Player featuring Intel RealSense technology uses intuitive 3D depth sensing to accurately place the virtual necklaces around a customer’s neck and correctly sync necklace movement. The Charme Table was a touch table that displayed a range of charms and bracelets. Users could create different combinations by themselves or with friends and take photos of their creations to share on social media. Once they had a bracelet they liked they could place an order online or in store and see their bracelet brought to life right before their eyes.