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Product / ServiceFADING INK
CategoryA02. Creative Innovation (incl. business solutions in association with a brand or creative campaign)
EntrantCHEIL Beijing, CHINA
Entrant Company CHEIL Beijing, CHINA
Advertising Agency CHEIL Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position
Jacky Lung Cheil China Executive Creative Director
Shengxiong Chen Cheil China Creative Director
Wei Xu Cheil China Creative Director
Yong Ren Cheil China Associate Creative Director
Emma Ma Cheil China Associate Creative Director
Tingting Zhang Cheil China Copywriter
Heyi Zhang Cheil China Art Director
Wenxing Wu Cheil China Art Director
Leona Shang Cheil China Producer
Xin Tan Cheil China Producer
Dian Wang Cheil China PR Manager
Tao Yan Filmplexe Director
Danqing Wu Cheil China Account Executive
Zhong Shi Photographer
Jing Hui Photographer
Jacky Lung Cheil China Art Director
Shengxiong Chen Cheil China Art Director
Wei Xu Cheil China Copywriter

The Brief

In China, 10 million cubic meters of forests are destroyed each year just to produce paper. Yet, in many offices, more than 60% of papers are used to print temporary documents, thrown away after being read once.

Fading ink box has been utilized in offices of FON, and also in other cooperative firms and organizations. Meanwhile, we are experimenting to adjust the formula and control its fading duration, like 3 days, a week or a month. We are also working to utilize the fading ink in multicolor print. By using fading ink to print, 60% of papers were saved. The campaign spread throughout the web via SNS and news sites. So far, the campaign has made more than 220,000 impressions after its launching.

The inspiration came from children’s fading doodling pen. When choosing this ink to print, the contents on the page would disappear gradually within few days. And the turning-blank paper can be used again and again. [ Chemical Principle ] Color-fading materials based on the light-sensitive and hydrolytic With plant polyphenols metal ions as the basic active elements, harmless to human body. In the presence of both light and water, chemical reactions of ink fading will start.