Product / ServiceAIRBNB
CategoryA02. Creative Innovation (incl. business solutions in association with a brand or creative campaign)
Entrant Company GOVT SINGAPORE Singapore, SINGAPORE
Advertising Agency UNTITLED PROJECT Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production Company BHD FILMS Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Aaron Koh GOVT Singapore Executive Creative Director
Marilyn Poh GOVT Singapore Copywriter
Leon Lai GOVT Singapore Business Director
Sarah Yap GOVT Singapore Senior Account Executive
Lucas Burrows Untitled Project Digital Creative
Hogan Burrows Untitled Project Digital Creative
Warren Mackenzie Untitled Project Digital Cretive
Jason Tay BHD Films DoP

The Brief

Projection mapping isn’t new, even in Singapore. But almost all of the time, it is something audiences watch rather than experience. The challenge for Airbnb was to showcase actual Airbnb listings from all over the world and make visitors to the exhibit feel right at home. This was even more difficult as most Singaporeans are skeptical of the accuracy of Airbnb listings they see online. So in a way, merely projection mapping a living space was not going to be enough for the brand. It was the details that brought the home to life. We replicated every detail: from the fabric and furnishings, the view out the window, the weather elements and even a clock that ticked. It became an experience of each Airbnb home as opposed to just a flat picture seen online. One visitor who actually stayed at one of the listings we showcased even commended us on the accuracy of the home.

As the idea has already been executed in Singapore, Airbnb hopes to use the same technology in other markets around the region, especially where the level of skepticism is also high. Of course, they can also develop the idea further by modelling more Airbnb listings, based on the base framework that we already have. A total of 15,738 impressions were made in just 6 days. Bookings from Singapore increased by 28%. New registrations increased by 12%, and 16% of current users booked with Airbnb for the very first time. The campaign was featured on renowned marketing and innovation sites such as Hypebeast, DesignTaxi, Mashable, FastCodesign, Designboom and many more, garnering PR value of over USD 1million.

Airbnb’s biggest challenge is always what they internally call Trust & Safety. For a platform based on a sharing economy, the hardest people to convince is always the skeptic in every consumer. But almost every Airbnb user has positive reviews of their experience after their first time. So while the projection mapping technology used isn’t new at all, the brand approach is. Airbnb has always believed that so long as they convince users to book their first stay, most people will be converted. But in this case, our idea helped people go on different stays, without actually going anywhere. Which is why the complexity of the technology and execution were in how we could do these actual Airbnb listings justice. Every detail of the homes had to be correct and accurate.