CategoryA02. Creative Innovation (incl. business solutions in association with a brand or creative campaign)
Entrant Company HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company HAKUHODO PRODUCT'S Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company 2 HAKUHODO I-STUDIO Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Shinya Tokuhisa HAKUHODO INC. Creative Director/Strategic Planning Director
Taro Iwamoto HAKUHODO PRODUCT'S INC. Creative Director/Copywriter
Akifumi Nozaki Hakuhodo DY intersolutions Inc. Data Analyst
Koichi Nagai HAKUHODO INC. Account Executive
Shoko Akiyama HAKUHODO INC. Account Executive
Kaho Okuno HAKUHODO INC. Planner
Kentaro Kobayashi HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. Production Manager
Yoshifumi Miyamoto HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. Producer
Jun Kagaya HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. Art Director/Designer
Hiroyuki Watarihiki avinoc Co., Ltd. Director
Tomoko Kato avinoc Co., Ltd. Illustrator
Kyohei Fukumoto HAKUHODO PRODUCT'S INC. Agency Producer
Michael Glenn eight pockets Creative Writer
Jin Kobayashi HAKUHODO PRODUCT'S INC. Art Director
Takumi Oogiya HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. Producer
Nik Sliwerski Free Wave Narrator
Sadanori Shibata Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc. Technology Advisor

The Brief

The Mercedes-Benz JP website receives 8.5 million visits per month. Of that huge number, the carmaker knows hot prospects are few. Our challenge was to develop a system that would enable Mercedes-Benz to recognize its hottest prospects, understand their true desires, and reach out to them with targeted advertising. While Keyword Targeting offers a snapshot of those desires, to really know who is a hot prospect and who is not, we need to see a story rather than a snapshot. Our system, which we call Crossword Targeting, looks at multiple keywords from an individual and detects patterns in them. That pattern reveals a story. And based on the story, we serve up effective ads to hot prospects. This is a world-first technology for delivering the right creative message to the target audience.

We had better success at identifying hot prospects and delivering ads to them. As a result, click-through rate soared 1,070% compared to traditional targeting which is auto interest-based advertising. Mercedes-Benz continues to use Crossword Targeting to better understand the behavior of its customers. Crossword Targeting. It's a great storyteller!

Our Crossword Targeting system extracts, compiles and analyzes multiple search words from a single user. First, the system installs a tag into the last CV page of Mercedes website to capture the data of any visitor who performs an action of a hot prospect—for example, a catalog order, a test drive reservation, a dealer meeting request and so forth. Next, the system extracts and compiles the search keywords that the user made before and after visiting the last CV page. Third, the system scores the keywords and flags all “HOT scores.” This system ensures a high degree of probability that a high HOT score is actually a HOT prospect. Based on HOT scores, our system has produced 4,651,824 keyword combinations that allow us to identify and better understand hot targets. We call this world-first innovation Crossword Targeting! In contrast to traditional keyword targeting, which operates with a single list of words, Crossword Targeting operates has millions of keyword combinations from which to identify hot prospects and deliver ads to them. Even better, the keyword combinations allow us to unscramble hidden life stories behind the keywords, which in turn allows us deliver more precisely targeted ads and gives Mercedes-Benz deeper insights into their hottest prospects. The whole process looks like this: Step 1. Capture the data of hot prospects Step 2. Extract search keywords of hot prospects Step 3. Calculate hot keyword scores Step 4. Produce 4,651,824 hot keyword combinations Step 5. Deliver targeted web banners to hot prospects based on those combinations Step 6. Hot prospects click to visit Mercedes-Benz JP website