Product / ServiceGEORGIA COFFEE
CategoryA02. Creative Innovation (incl. business solutions in association with a brand or creative campaign)
EntrantCHEIL Beijing, CHINA
Entrant Company CHEIL Beijing, CHINA
Advertising Agency CHEIL Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position
Chris TSUI Coca-Cola ABM
Shirley LING Cheil PengTai SAD
Ciacia HU Cheil PengTai Creative Partner
Herry YE Cheil PengTai GCD
Sherry WU Cheil PengTai Copy Director
Baby GUO Cheil PengTai CD
Ginger ZHAO Cheil PengTai SAD
Hausen QIN Cheil PengTai CW
Daphne CHEN Cheil PengTai BD
Ody ZHU Cheil PengTai AM

The Brief

• The rapid development of techonologies in cell phones and communication APPs such as Wechat are the base of this campaign. • The special creative innovation are handles in subway cabins; they were transformed into electirc device which could be connected to your cell phones in playing interactive games. • While consumers shaking the handle, the game starts and coffee would be poured into the virtual bottle on the phone screen. • This device is easy to make and interesting to play by the target consumers. • The target audience are city commuters between the age of 20-39, with salaries of medium and higher level • Subways, buses and outdoor advertisements are the most frequently-seen media in their daily lives; they rely heavily on social forums and platforms to get and share information; and interact with their friends.

• This innovation was so eye-catching because it's the first time to use electric handles in interactive games; thus, it opened people's mind; in the future this technology could be used on other objects not only restricted to smart phones. • Special interactive techonology let consumers become more active; thus, sending their photos to other social platforms could earn extra propagation. • The game left consumers, especially our target customers deep impressions; and it also helped establish the creative and energetic image of the enterprise. • This innovation shed lights on other aspects of the creative device and games in the promotion of the similar brands and goods.

• Reallife simulation of subway cabin was built in Xuhui subway station, Shanghai, together with eye-catching posters, exhibition boards and vending machine, attracted potential consumers. • Further, the fragrance of coffee and broadcast from the station were all quite attractive. • Once they entered the cabin, consumers could use cell phones through Wechat to play the game Pouring Coffee by shaking the handles. • This new innovation by using electric handles in interactive games was introduced for the first time. Thus, most of the consumers were surprised at the experiences of using handles to play games and get awards • Firstly, they scan the handles with their cell phones, and then an H5 website would appear on the screen of their phones. • Once they started to shake the handle, coffee would be filled up in the bottle picturing in the screen according to the vibration. • If they fill the bottle within fixed time, they could get special awards. • Consumers got to know more about Geogia Coffee during the process of this interesting experience. • Positive enterprise image was established through the tasty coffee and product motto: Striving for the Best. • This campaign started from 2015.5.23, and lasted till 6.10; almost all the sequences and activities ran according to the original plan.