Product / ServiceBABY TOP-TO-TOE
CategoryA02. Creative Innovation (incl. business solutions in association with a brand or creative campaign)


Name Company Position
Nopakun Sujaritchant INITIATIVE Chief Executive Officer
Nuttavena Thepchatri INITIATIVE Managing Director
Samantha Tay INITIATIVE Business Director
Pradonn Sirakovit INITIATIVE Strategy Innovation Associate Diretor
Pongpan Suriyapat INITIATIVE Strategy Innovation Associate Diretor
Thaneeya Sakulwatcharin INITIATIVE Senior Strategist
Praitong Budsarapan INITIATIVE Assistant Buyer
Kasalee Snitwong Na Ayutaya Johnson & Johnson Consumer (Thailand) LTD. Brand Manager
Pipit Pongpipattnakul Johnson & Johnson Consumer (Thailand) LTD. Senior Brand Manager

The Brief

85% of moms believe that bathing is simply just cleansing, not a time for child development. Thai moms are getting increasingly more career minded. This has led to lesser time spend with the kids, hence activities like bathing have become a chore. But Johnson’s believes that bathing isn’t just a time to clean, but a TIME FOR MORE to stimulate baby’s senses. With an extremely emotive thematic TVC, we wanted to create an impact based on the rituals of baby bathing. We know our alpha moms are always out and about hence outdoor is a spot on touch point to reach them. However, a regular TVC on outdoor advertising is a blind spot these days as consumers are always in a rush, have their eyes glued on their mobile screen and are constantly bombarded by tons of outdoor advertising as Bangkok is super cluttered with outdoor advertising screens and spaces everywhere. We knew we had to do something extraordinary to grab mom’s eye balls to effectively communicate our message to them. We carefully studied the content TVC and the objective of the campaign to make what seems as a normal TVC to come ALIVE. The content of the TVC was showing a mom was bathing her baby and how bathing could stimulate baby’s senses. This brought us to the idea of creating Thailand’s FIRST EVER OUTDOOR 4D INTERACTIVE experience! We selected Thailand’s largest digital billboard screen at Siam Square, one of Bangkok’s most popular shopping locales with high footfalls for families. We installed a bubble dispenser machines at the LED screen. To synchronize the bubbles released with Johnson’s ad, we programmed sensor marker to the LED to trigger the machines. So every time our ad comes on, THOUSANDS OF BUBBLES are released into the air SCENTED WITH JOHNSON’S liquid soap.

It reached 5.4 million on site (Source: Siam Sq 1 & BTS Traffic Count). Our return on media investment was 2.6 times. We achieved an unprecedented earned media value worth 15.9million. Our year-on-year sales for total Johnson’s Baby Top-to-Toe liquid bath grew +11% YOY (February 2014 and February 2015), the highest in the past 3 years! (Source: Nielsen Retail Audit). Installing and testing was carried out Feb 9-18, 2015. Campaign period was Feb 19- Mar 17. Not only our campaign brought in good business results. It also created talk of talk with the massive PR value generated. It was that good till the world’s biggest FMCG Unilever decided to copy our idea to launch Dove Shampoo, exactly the same location, exactly the same concept and mechanics 2 months after our campaign.

The bubbles became the stopping power of moms & dads who typically just walk past the LED without noticing the ad. Not only they stopped to notice the ad but parents and their children spent time together to interact with the bubbles joyfully during each release. THE BUBBLE EXPERIENCE helped enlightened moms about the importance of bathing on child development. The making of this FIRST EVER OUTDOOR 4D INTERACTIVE experience started with us examining the screen location, the screen size, the height, the screen structure, the surroundings, the wind direction etc. From there, we decided how many bubble machines were needed, how to place it on top of the LED which was around 4-5m from the ground to get the best result so that the bubbles would be blown down to reach the passer by on the ground. This was very critical because if it blown upwards, it would have defeated our purpose. Another challenge was the capacity of the bubble machines could only hold up to liquid for 26minute of TVC and we were not allowed to re-fill the liquid during the screen operation time (10am- 10pm) to ensure the safety of the pedestrians. After extensive examination of all the factors and multiple testing 10 days prior to Feb 16 launch, we installed 6 bubble machines on top of the LED, pairing 2 machines together on the left corner, center and right corner of the LED. As the capacity of the bubble machines could only hold up to 26min of TVC but our total minute exceeded that length, we decided to only programmed the bubble machine to release the bubbles during prime time where traffic was expected to be high. The TVC will appear without bubbles during non-prime time. The total production cost was only at USD$8,800.