CategoryA02. Creative Innovation (incl. business solutions in association with a brand or creative campaign)
Advertising Agency 2 R/GA Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Charles Robinson Jack Morton Worldwide Account Lead
Richard Bradley Jack Morton Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Jack Colley Jack Morton Worldwide Creative Director
Luke Clifton Jack Morton Worldwide Creative Director
Luke Biddlecombe Jack Morton Worldwide Production Manager
Rory Brett Jack Morton Worldwide Design Director
Jack Colley Jack Morton Worldwide Copywriter
Nurulia Sadi Jack Morton Worldwide Executive Producer
David Brown R/GA Executive Creative Director
Christer Eriksson R/GA Regional Planning Director
Riku Vassinen R/GA Associate Planning Director
Creative Technology

The Brief

Google approached us to turn the closing party of the Asia Pacific International Music Summit into an extraordinary experience - using the opportunity to drive people to their platforms, create ongoing conversations with fans, and prove that they understand the industry. The event took place on 11th December 2014 at Attica club in Singapore. The big challenge was that the summit was an existing event with a superstar DJ. So, how could we use Google’s platforms to enhance the experience (not only fulfilling their objectives but also making it the party of the year) without making it a ‘Google’ event? We know that Electronic Dance Music (EDM) fans are the most socially prolific and engaged of any musical group. However, social technology, whilst opening many avenues between artist and consumer in the online space, had yet to add true value in the live environment. We developed ‘Closer’ – A live experience that would use biometric data to seamlessly translate the connective power of Google platforms into the live environment to create an unforgettable experience that would bring people closer to the artist, the music and each other. This was the first time in Asia where an experience has been created using Lightwave bioreactive technology to connect the audience with the artist.

This experience connected over 3 million people to each other and Google+. The integration of biometric technology and the captured data was critical to the creative output and overall execution. We were able to measure engagement levels as the performance unfolded, and adjusted the experience to reflect audiences’ desires. As data was entirely personalized, we also created powerful reasons for people to connect to Google even after the event as data was gathered into meaningful, shareable assets. This cutting edge activation prompted Paul Oakenfold to personally request for the data output to inform updated remixes of his tracks. His Google+ profile saw a 13% increase in followers and 11.7% increase in view count over the campaign period. “I had such a great time working on this groundbreaking experience with Google and Attica. I was able to bring my live performance to another level and connected music to the audience like never before.” – Paul Oakenfold. The campaign also helped Attica experience its most successful month in 10-years of the club’s history in terms of total sales revenue.

Integrating Lightwave bioreactive technology with the Google+ network, we measured each person‘s biometric data which included: Audio response - through ambient and close-range audio levels (cheering, clapping) Motion – through 3-axis accelerometer Emotional state – through body temperature and galvanic skin response (i.e. moisture level), tied to our sympathetic nervous response. Lightwave biometric wristbands communicated to a distributed network of proprietary beacon devices at a sample rate of 10Hz (10 times/second) for the entire event duration. Real-time data were streamed to Lightwave network which then parsed the data through the Lightwave platform, removing noise from the signal and performing real time analytics. Lightwave then built a number of ‘data cocktails’ (different combinations of data points) to create a series of ‘feeling metrics’ around excitement, engagement, energy and emotion – which were then provided to Paul Oakenfold for him to transform his sets and fuel interactive and visual experiences through data-driven visuals, dance leaderboards, shout-outs to fans, etc. Post-event, captured data was converted into personalized infographics that recreated each fan’s night acting as powerful takeaways. Highlighting the song they danced hardest to, had the strongest emotional response to, etc., these infographics were sent directly from Paul Oakenfold to fans’ Google+ accounts.