Short List
CategoryA02. Creative Innovation (incl. business solutions in association with a brand or creative campaign)
Production Company BREAKFAST FILM Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Production Company 2 DESIGNFEVER Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

The Brief

Millions of children with autism struggle to make eye contact and communicate with others. They have poor social skills and hence, are unable to develop meaningful relationships. In South Korea, treatments are expensive and medical resources are limited. The families of these children are ashamed about them and tend to hide their disorder from the public. As a result, many children miss treatment at an early age. The target audience is parents with autistic children. They’re technologically-savvy and largely well-versed with Samsung products. The media chosen is mobile devices and is determined by the insight that children with autism like to interact with digital devices. The campaign was launched on a microsite and on owned online media. Accompanied by PR releases, a short commercial film was released on YouTube and social media, while the longer documentary film was released on Samsung media such as Samsung Tomorrow Blog, its main website, Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube and Bluelogger. The app was made available for download on Google Play. Following its successful launch, the campaign was covered on public TV, major online magazines and newspapers worldwide.

Clinical test results showed that 60% of the children made better eye contact and 40% showed improvement in expressing themselves emotionally. The free app was first launched in South Korea and Canada, and then globally on 22 December 2014. Within a week, it quickly became one of the most downloaded apps in the “Education” category. It ranked third in the UK, fourth in the US and fifth in Brazil (as of 30 December). The number of downloads and media coverage have been increasing dramatically.

Studies show that children with autism like to interact with digital devices. So we developed the world’s first interactive camera app to help them improve social skills. Using Samsung smart devices, we developed a fun and easy-to-use app to help children with autism interact with people. In collaboration with doctors, professors and app developers, seven missions were created to train the children to make better eye contact and improve their communication skills. The campaign’s objective is to provide an alternative free, private and readily available treatment for children with autism. So parents and their autistic children do not have to go through the hassles of expensive external treatments and be put on a long wait list when seeking treatment. Before implementing this campaign, extensive research was done to find out what would appeal to children with autism so we could execute our idea in the appropriate media.


Name Company Position
Jeongkeun Yoo Cheil Worldwide Chief Creative Officer
Wain Choi Cheil Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Kevin Pereira Cheil Worldwide Creative Director
Jax Jung Cheil Worldwide Associate Creative Director
Joohee Lee Cheil Worldwide Senior Art Director
Seeun Kim Cheil Worldwide Art Director
Songha Lee Cheil Worldwide Copywriter
Adrian Sim Cheil Worldwide Copywriter
Jongbin Lee Cheil Worldwide Account Executive
Andy Sungkyoon Wang, Diane DY Lee Cheil Worldwide Account Manager
Chris Seongwook Kim Cheil Worldwide Project Manager
Sean Yoo Breakfast Film Director
Wooyoung Nam Breakfast Film Assistant Director
Jed Park Breakfast Film Executive Producer
Hyukjun Lee Breakfast Film Producer
Hanvit Kang Breakfast Film Cinematographer
Yeonjoo Jeong, Gaeon Kim Design Fever UI Planner
Jaejin Jeong Design Fever UI design
Jiyeon Kim Design Fever Character Design
Daeho Seo Freelancer Photographer