CategoryA03. Targeted Ambient Media: Small Scale
Production Company PURPLELAB Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Erick Rosa Lowe Singapore Executive Creative Director
Francisco Casis Lowe Lola Executive Creative Director
Daniel Kee Lowe Singapore Creative Director
Ang Sheng Jin Lowe Singapore Creative Director
Nestor Garcia Lowe Lola Creative Director
Nacho Onate Lowe Lola Creative Director
Alex Tan Lowe Singapore Art Director
Andrew Ho Lowe Singapore Art Director
Ang Sheng Jin Lowe Singapore Art Director
Fred Bosch Lowe Lola Art Director
Bruno Nakano Lowe Lola Art Director
Daniel Kee Lowe Singapore Copywriter
Aslinda Khanafi Lowe Singapore Copywriter
Martin Feijoo lowe lola Copywriter
Rupen Desai Lowe Singapore Regional President
Alex Okada Lowe London Global Creative Director
Srija Chatterjee Lowe Singapore Regional Business Director
Shaifali Dayal Lowe Singapore Associate Regional Business Director
Purplelab singapore Purplelab singapore Video Production
Nemesis Pictures Nemesis Pictures Photographer

The Brief

The T-Napkin is a napkin that unfolds into a T-shirt. It is placed in restaurants to surprise and engage diners, challenging them to wash the stains off the shirt with a Breeze sample at the end of the meal. It is a sampling exercise that offers a tangible challenge and therefore, motivation, for each individual to try the product—that if successful, translates into a freebie in the form of a T-shirt that can actually be worn for continuous brand engagement.

Creative Execution

T-Napkins surprised diners after they sat down for their meals. The expected napkins unfolded into delightful T-shirts that they could use to catch spills and splashes, or even wipe their mouths on. Some diners even pulled it over their clothes for complete protection. At the end of the meal, a sample sachet of Breeze was presented with the bill, challenging diners to see if Breeze could live up to its promise to turn the stained T-Napkins back into spotlessly new T-shirts–taking on-ground sampling directly into home product demonstration.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

To demonstrate the confidence Breeze has in removing stains, we took our demonstration out of the typical household environment and into a place where stains are most likely to occur for an adult audience—restaurants. Diners are perpetually wary of staining their clothes, sometimes even avoiding food that’s likely to spill or splash, or come with dark gravy. Based on this, we decided that the best channel to demonstrate Breeze’s proposition was in restaurants—turning diners’ biggest concern into the medium of communication itself.


T-Napkins let diners enjoy their meals without worrying about accidental spills or stains. But because practically all diners surveyed inadvertently stained their T-Napkins, they claimed they’d be more than happy to put Breeze to the test. With the success of this sampling exercise, T-Napkins will be introduced in more restaurants and outlets.