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Name Company Position
Johnny Tan BBH China Chief Creative Officer
Leo Zhang BBH China Executive Creative Director
Jay Qian BBH China Creative Director
Jeffrey Sun BBH China Creative Director
Woody Pan BBH China Art Director
Summer She BBH China Copywriter
Janel Kok BBH Live Head of Operation
Ella Cao BBH Live Producer
Iris Zhang BBH Live Production Assistant
Leo Liu BBH Live Director/Editor
Billy Zhou BBH Live Editor
Christine Ng BBH China Managing Director
Elvis Li BBH China Business Director
Rei Zhang BBH China Associate Account Director
Cobain Chen BBH China Account Executive
Ruby He BBH China Account Executive
Derek Lui BBH China Copywriter
Jonathan Koh BBH China Engagement planner
YoYo Yang BBH China Art Director

The Brief

To launch its anti-bacterial soap in China, Lifebuoy took an unconventional approach, and created an experience that incorporated the product Into China's most culturally salient context- Chinese New Year (CNY) and a practical utility in the hands of its consumers. During this time parents are concerned with keeping their kids healthy amidst a storm of germ-covered cash gifts via traditional red packets. Introducing: Lifebuoy Red Packets, the first Chinese New Year red packet made of anti-bacterial soap. It not only functioned as an envelope in which to give money, kids could also use our red packet to wash their hands and be germ-free. Our red packets were distributed at schools and community centers. They became a timely utility with which to celebrate the New Year, it also gave consumers a hands-on introduction to our product.

Creative Execution

We created the first Chinese New Year red packet made completely out of anti-bacterial soap. Parents used it to contain cash gifts for their children, and after children opened them they could use the packets to actually wash their hands; effectively killing germs at a crucial time. The packets were distributed over the 9-day period at schools and neighborhood centers. We seeded posts on video sites Youku and Qiy, and social media feeds WeChat and Weibo. This product created an experience that seamlessly integrated our product into the Chinese New Year gifting ritual, while encouraging parents and kids to wash their hands with Lifebuoy soap. It wasn't just a product placement- it was an essential part of the experience.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Our audience is Chinese mothers with young children. They are currently using non anti-bacterial soaps (like Safeguard), which are not an anti-bacterial. The biggest challenge they face: keeping their kids healthy germ-free. Especially during the campaign period of Chinese New Year, when moms are extra stressed because their kids receive traditional red packets containing cash notes and these notes are covered with over 10 million germs. The only way to get them to know about and try Lifebuoy was to create a trial situation that delivered a sample directly into their hands.


Over the Chinese New Year period (from 17th to 25th Feb), Lifebuoy's Red Packet campaign reached over 270,000 target households. Brand awareness up by 17%. A total of 830,000 USD in free media impressions. It received 1.77 million views on Weibo with over 2,300 shares and comments, and over 150,000 reads on WeChat. Lifebuoy's Baidu Search Index increased over 300%. It received mention on over 20 industry websites.