Product / ServiceHAPPY PA FOR CHILD
CategoryA03. Targeted Ambient Media: Small Scale
Entrant Company DENTSU PLUS Bangkok, THAILAND
Advertising Agency DENTSU PLUS Bangkok, THAILAND
Production Company FIN AD ASIA Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Subun Khow Dentsu Plus Chief Creative Officer
Priebduan Chotimanukul Dentsu Plus Head Of Graphic Designer
Subun Khow Dentsu Plus Copywriter
Chuesai Suvarnapunya Dentsu Plus Senior Graphic Designer
Kamon Ploydang Dentsu Plus Senior Graphic Designer
Eakkasit Singkok Dentsu Plus Graphic Designer
Monthicha Darawankul Dentsu Plus Graphic Designer
Dutchanee Narkapong Dentsu Plus Producer
Sophon Sriratanaporn Dentsu Plus Animation
Monthicha Darawankul Dentsu Plus Illustrator
Daranee Reuknumphet Dentsu Plus Account Director
Kosil Thongsuk Fin Ad Asia Director
Phakapong Saratha Fin Ad Asia Assistant director
Phakapong Saratha Fin Ad Asia Cinematographer
Ekkchat Tuagunt Fin Ad Asia Editor
Nitcha Kitimanan Fin Ad Asia Producer
Phinyapat Chudamata Fin Ad Asia Production manager
Chotinun Threerathummarak Fin Ad Asia Music composer

The Brief

The PA-for-Child business - the accident insurance policy for children in Thailand now has a problem. Although most parents knows about this product but they consider it’s not worth to pay for. Many Banks and Insurance companies try to find ways to convince parents about its value by advertising on traditional media such as TVC & Press but in vain. So we choose to convince them with a direct campaign that creates straight impact on them by showing them that our PA for child’s cost per day is only the small money as they normally pay for trivialities such as snacks but more worth for money and good to their child and family. We use a new media idea to surprise and convince them directly with our message at the same time. Then they will call for the details or buy our products at our bank.

Creative Execution

We are creating a new media idea in a form of snack bag branded Happy PA for Child similarly to ordinary 5-baht snack bags. Inside, there are 4 paper mock-ups of chips. Each explains information details of each type of insurance packages and contact numbers of the bank. We gave away Happy Snack Bags to Moms and Dads in different places such as school entrances, department stores, office buildings and also placed them for free in snack shops.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

This campaign focuses directly to parent target who have small children. They know about PA for child which is children’s insurance. They might be offered PA for child from many banks and insurance companies but never thought it was worth paying.


Happy Snack Bag helps change most parents’ perspectives towards the payment for insurance premium, and it makes them willing to pay a small amount of money daily for their children constructive security. Within only 15 days of the Happy Snack Bags give-away, the increasing sales growth is up to 30%.