CategoryA02. Dimensional Mailings
EntrantGOODSTEIN Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company GOODSTEIN Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency GOODSTEIN Shanghai, CHINA
Production Company PIXOMONDO Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position
Georg Warga Goodstein Writer / Director
Maureen Sherrard Goodstein Agency Producer
Zejian Shen Zihua Character/Concept Design
Paul Harding Zihua Producer
Ryan Lai Idearp 3d Printing
Aaron Farrugia Freelance Dop Live Action
Vanessa Lee Freelance Art Director Live Action
Jordan Thomas Mitchell Freelance Composer/Sound Design
Aslan Malik Pixomondo Art Director
Sharon Yuan Pixomondo Visual Effects Producer
Tony Willis Pixomondo Consultant/Visual Effects Producer
Nelson Quan Pixomondo Dop Stop Motion
Will Chan Pixomondo Editor
Jun Jiang/Yun Liu/Jing Li/Jiyang Li/Abbie Fan Pixomondo Digital Artists
Robbie Reid/He Tian/Yuntao Gao Pixomondo Animators
Fan Wang Pixomondo Compositor
Anna Kang/Bella Jiang Pixomondo Visual Effects Coordinators
Lynn Wong Goodstein Production Assistant
Chris Li Goodstein Production Intern

The Brief

In this first ever fully 3D printed stop motion animation for Zihua.com.cn, a Chinese online learning platform for creative professionals, literally everything you can see in the film can be learned in online courses on the site. Character design, CG animation, stop motion film, illustration, scoring films, sound design and 3D printing. The cast used in the film are the actual teachers and instructors on the platform and the actual frames of the film were used as pieces in as direct mail.

Creative Execution

1) The first ever fully 3D printed stop motion animation (published on youku and zihua) 2) A direct mail that uses these 3D prints to attract bloggers to write about it. 3) Online courses that explain how the film was done in tutorial on the site. 4) A cartoon series rereleased on social that reveals the backstory of the boxman character.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

As an online eduction platform Zihua.com.cn caters to these creative professionals and students who look for a creative and fun way to learn the newest tools of the trade.


In this pure content driven campaign (and without the use of any paid media) we attracted 13,613 new members on the platform who attended 50,850 online courses in total, which is roughly a third of the user base through this campaign alone during the launch phase. These numbers were instrumental to attract investors for zihua’s series A funding goal. We have also attracted 6000 new follower on social media channel wechat.