Short List
Product / ServicePEDIGREE
CategoryB02. Use of Other Digital Solutions in a Direct Marketing Campaign
Entrant Company COLENSO BBDO Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Advertising Agency COLENSO BBDO Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Production Company FINCH Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Nick Worthington Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand Creative Chairman
Andy Blood Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand Executive Creative Director
Aaron Turk Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand Head of Digital Creative
Matt Lawson Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand Copywriter / Designer
Scott Kelly Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand Art Director
Ben Polkinghorne Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand Copywriter
Ahmad Salim Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand Group Business Director
Maria Bjorkman Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand Project Director
Abbi Barker Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand Account Director
Neville Doyle Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand Planning Director - Digital and Social
Tim Freeman Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand Executive Digital Producer
Dov Tombs Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand Senior Digital Producer
David Arcus Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand Creative Technologist
Robbie Boyd Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand Digital Developer
Mat Tizard / Zoe Downing Google Creative Technologist
Tara McKenty Google Art Director
Ian Nealie Google Copywriter
Oliver Downs MARS Marketing Director
Maria Granados MARS Brand Manager - Dog & Speciality
Debbie Laing MARS Marketing Manager

The Brief

At the heart of this campaign sits the need for a direct action from our audience – if dog owners did not embrace the concept of PEDIGREE Found, the campaign would simply not work. We needed Auckland dog owners to discover and download the app and then, we needed them to register their dogs details as well as their own. Driving downloads and registrations is difficult – most people are hesitant to add branded apps to the most personal of digital real estate, your own smartphone – but the utility that PEDIGREE Found provides led to an amazing response from consumers. The unique data set created by this app (dog age & breed) has allowed us to create a bespoke, follow up CRM program which targets dog owners with offers and information of products that is tailored to their dogs specific need for the lifestage of their breed.

Creative Execution

Given the challenges with achieving a critical mass of users on any new app, there was a focus to create work that would have a low barrier to download whilst working with a complimentary awareness campaign which explained what the app was and how it worked. All ‘awareness’ creative focused around the dual message of ‘lost dogs’ and ‘location based solution’. A 30 second TV ad explained the app was supported with outdoor ads targeted to areas we knew dog owners frequented (close to parks, outside of major pet stores etc). We then used promoted social posts on Facebook and Twitter to create not only awareness but action –targeting only people browsing the social networks on their mobiles devices ensured that from seeing the content to downloading the app only required 2 clicks. This low barrier to entry helped maximise our media budget and drove downloads.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Our primary audience was all dog owners in the greater Auckland area, regardless of whether they were customers of PEDIGREE. We then had the broadest possible secondary audience – all NZ’s with a smart device. When someone lost their dog and set off an alert, our ads targeted went to people within a 2.5km radius meaning that anyone online with a smart device could be the person to see the ad and help reunite a lost dog with their owner. As a brand committed to both innovation and helping dogs this campaign was a perfect fit for PEDIGREE.


Launching in April, so far the app has topped the trending topics of the NZ app store and has already been downloaded by 10% of all Auckland dog owners, with twice as many more people visiting the mobile web site to check for lost dogs in their area. Those who download truly use it – an amazing 91% of people who downloaded went on to register their dogs details. Not only that, but the ‘Lost Dog’ display ads themselves had an amazing 3% response rate, over 15 times the industry standard. Their hyper targeted, real time nature meant that any consumer seeing an ad knew they could be in a position to help and they responded in huge numbers. PEDIGREE Found has proved so successful, it will be launching at the end of the year in Europe (Poland & UK) with the USA set to follow in 2016.