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Product / ServiceTOILET SOAP
CategoryA01. Use of promotional stunts/live advertising/live shows/concerts & festivals
Entrant Company GEOMETRY GLOBAL Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency GEOMETRY GLOBAL Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Abhijit Awasthi Ogilvy/Mather India National Creative Director
Rajiv Rao Ogilvy/Mather India National Creative Director
Daniel Comar Geometry Global Regional Executive Creative Director (Asia Pacific)
Rahul Saigal Geometry Global President
Vipul Salvi Geometry Global National Creative Director
Shripad Paturkar Geometry Global Creative Controller
Vivek Paranjpe Geometry Global Creative Controller
Tarun Gupta Geometry Global Sr. Account Executive
Ratika Yeshwante Geometry Global Account Executive
Sandeep Poojary Geometry Global AGM (Production)
Vishal Mangalorkar Milestone Films Director
Ajay Vasu Milestone Films Executive Producers
Farid Khan Milestone Films Executive Producers
Pria Mundra Milestone Films Producer
Mitesh Mirchandani Director Of Photography
Neelesh Jain Ogilvy&Mather India Lyricist
Tapas Relia Music Director
Rizwan Maple Editor

The Brief

Every 2 minutes, a child dies of diarrhoea in India. The simple act of handwashing with soap at critical occasions can prevent this (one of the most critical being, before eating meals). Lifebuoy wanted to reach out to rural students, where hygiene habits are poor, and encourage them to wash their hands with soap before the mid-day meal. In rural schools, handpumps are the only way to draw water. Children don't like the hard work involved. Objectives: a) Minimize efforts needed to draw the water so that children use handpumps. b) Encourage & engage children to wash hands using soap.

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation

In a bid to solve the issue at hand and communicate to the target group, we decided to use the language that they understand the best: The language of PLAY. The idea was simple: Turn the hand pump area into a playground. Given how a hand pump works, we realized that it closely resembles the working of a rocking horse – one of the first toys that a kid is introduced to! We decided to adapt a rocking horse and mount it on these hard-to-use hand pumps thereby making them easy and fun to operate.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Revisiting the objectives: a) Minimize efforts needed to draw the water so that children use handpumps. b) Encourage & engage children to wash hands using soap. Results: a) 1500 forgotten hand pumps in rural schools were brought to life with rocking horses. To help build the habit of handwashing a month’s supply of soap was supplied for free. b) School authorities and parents alike appreciated the idea, as children became self-motivated to wash their hands with soap and daily reminders were no longer necessary. c) All this within a minimal budget of just USD 19,000 (INR 11,40,000).

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The hand pumps are manually operated and are tough to use. This itself was a key deterrence for the kids to use them. The idea drew inspiration from the fact that children respond to games and by gamifying the experience, we were able to connect with them. By removing the key obstacle and ensuring soap availability, the brand was able to make itself both relevant and accessible.