Bronze Spike

Case Film

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CategoryA04. Product Launch/Re-launch/Shopper Marketing
Production Company EXIT FILMS Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Darren Spiller DDB Group Melbourne Executive Creative Director
Simon Bagnasco DDB Group Melbourne Creative Director
Dan Grech/Chris Andrews DDB Group Melbourne Art Director
Eamonn Dixon/Simon Bagnasco DDB Group Melbourne Copywriter
Simon Thomas DDB Group Melbourne Head Of Tv
Carol Sinclair DDB Group Melbourne Agency Producer
Stephen Carroll Exit Films Director
Tobias Webster Exit Films Producer
Jon Holmes Exit Films Editor
Sarah Bailey DDB Group Melbourne Group Business Director
Luke Osbourne/Katie Kouts DDB Group Melbourne Business Director
Loiuse Sully DDB Group Melbourne Business Executive
Ian Forth DDB Group Melbourne Executive Planning Director
Steven Skrekovski DDB Group Melbourne Digital Creative Director

The Brief

The stakes couldn't have been higher for the Radiant brand. Supermarkets were poised to delist it. Brand consideration and penetration were stuck in a negative slide. This couldn't be your standard FMCG brand re-launch. We needed to create something audacious to show Australian’s how good the new product range was and convince them to switch in mass levels, quick. We chose to target household grocery buyers, opting to focus on a younger, digitally savvy consumer not defined by gender, but skewing towards females.

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation

To prove Radiant kept colours looking like new, we created the ultimate test. A modern day product demonstration with a difference: the judges would be unsuspecting store workers. First we bought clothes. Then, we tortured them in extreme ways: from paintball to pottery. Afterwards we washed the items, before attempting to return them at the same stores they were bought from. Our desired response was to get consumers to trial the new range. We encouraged this through our online communications, free samples on the website and a partnership with Coles online (the countries largest online supermarket.)

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

After almost being delisted, Radiant is officially the fastest growing laundry brand. Currently the 1# washing detergent product in Australia’s biggest supermarket - A feat never achieved by the brand. Radiant saw sales growth of nearly 30% compared to the previous year. Penetration for the brand has also reversed the negative trend from -12% to +1%. This is a 6.2% increase (year-on-year) and means 82,000 new households have Radiant in their laundry. Social media interactions are 8.7 times above normal FMCG benchmarks and nearly 900,000 people watched one of the films in the first few weeks from launch.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

From the tests, we created episodes. Each episode outlined what we did, and how we did it, in an engaging way. To ensure authenticity, everything was shot for real using ‘real’ spy cameras. Even the washing sequences were done on a domestic washing machine. The resulting films lived online and were shared and viewed on a plethora of digital and social platforms directly targeting our consumers. These channels led people to our website where they could buy the product or have a sample sent directly to them. In essence, we provided real and definitive proof of the brand’s capabilities.