Short List
Product / ServiceNEROLAC PAINTS
CategoryA02. Use of Magazines/Newspapers
Media Agency UM LODESTAR Mumbai, INDIA
Entrant Company UM LODESTAR Mumbai, INDIA
Media Agency 2 UM LODESTAR Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Nandini Dias Lodestar UM Ceo
Sujata Pawar Lodestar UM Vp
Haresh Moorjani FCB Ulka Advertising Group Creative Director
Varun Sharma FCB Ulka Advertising Copy Supervisor
Roopesh Swaroop FCB Ulka Advertising Creative Group Head
Shatarupa Gupta Lodestar UM Media Supervisor
Shrikanth Menon Lodestar UM Group Manager

Results and Effectiveness

For the first time in the history of newspaper a brand has exploited space that existed but was not thought of or even seen as a saleable media space. It seemed tailor made with the right message the space became a paint ad. The medium had become the message It is NOT a one off, is indefinitely sustainable and is cost effective Monthly response grew by 15%, off season by 28% Key metrics like ‘offers the best choice of shades’ rose by 12%. We had taken an obvious visual, twisted it around to give a whole new dimension

Creative Execution

The initial reaction of various stakeholders was “impossible”, “production people will never allow it”. We convinced the production teams. Finally they agreed to let us use the spaces in-between the CMYK registration shade card to plug our message. We had found the gaps between the dots and created a whole new media opportunity Then we designed simple communication which connected the dots/space and our paint service. Since no newspaper had sold it as a property, we attached our own pricing and… enforced a timeless deal!!

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Print has a close relationship with the house paint category. Both are static medium. To compound the challenge people take walls and paints for granted. For Kansai Nerolac we were to make a lateral inroad into print.We looked at the newspaper from every possible angle. Space and size, color or black white, revisiting holy cows to see if we could turn print doctrine on its head.We looked at editorial and printing processes till suddenly, we realized that there is a paint ad hidden in all newspapers round the world but like the category has been taken for granted. It seemed like nothing more than a few little dots but turned out to be a huge opportunity. We were about to break an 80 year old norm OUR ANSWER WAS IN THE TINY COLOUR PALETTE - A PRINTING NECESSITY - FEW LITTLE DOTS THAT SAT AT THE BOTTOM OF EVERY PAGE.