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Name Company Position
Neil Johnson Ddb Group Singapore Chief Creative Officer
Joji Jacob Ddb Group Singapore Group Executive Creative Director
Thomas Yang Ddb Group Singapore Deputy Executive Creative Director/Head Of Art/Design
Khalid Osman Ddb Group Singapore Creative Director
Lester Lee Ddb Group Singapore Creative Director
Marvin Liang DDB Group Singapore Art Director
Sid Lim DDB Group Singapore Art Director
Adrian Leong DDB Group Singapore Copywriter
Naresh Kumar DDB Group Singapore Copywriter
Leslie Goh Ddb Group Singapore Project Manager
Yeo Wee Lee Ddb Group Singapore Head Of Technology
Neo Chun Guan Ddb Group Singapore Digital Catalyst/Experience Planner
Rowena Bhagchandani Ddb Group Singapore Managing Director
Xindy Wang Ddb Group Singapore Account Manager

Results and Effectiveness

REVIVAL OF INTEREST: Two months from launch, Math Paper Press titles saw an increase in sales. More importantly, store traffic at Books Actually, its main distributor, increased by 20%, signifying a renewed interest in hard copy books. • ONLINE MOVEMENT: We created widespread interest with website/blog owners. Early partners ranged from art and design blogs to surprising adopters like an engineering site. Prospective partners range from a floral distributor to a national heritage site. The movement could potentially reach 7 million mobile users in Singapore, and 7 billion worldwide, with a budget of less than US$20,000.

Creative Execution

THE MEDIA AS THE SOLUTION: Each instance of lost Internet connection became an opportunity for Math Paper Press to surprise people with a gentle reminder of the 'always available' nature of hard copy books. Turning mobile devices, the media that contributes to the problem, into the media that delivers the solution. At the end of each book excerpt, we included the location of a bookstore that carries the actual book. Directing diehard online readers from participating websites back to a bookstore, for real books, even in the digital age. THE MOVEMENT: We created different HTML patches customised with different genres of books. Then made them available free on a microsite. Next, we invited websites, blogs, etc. to download them to suit their target audience. Turning a simple mobile idea championed by a single client into a movement that the entire online community could participate in.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

THE PROBLEM: Along with other 'analog' publications like newspapers and magazines, hard copy books are increasingly struggling to stay relevant in the digital age. As a print publisher, Math Paper Press needed to remind readers that real books remain a viable resource. • THE MEDIA OPPORTUNITY: Many people surf the web on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. And lose Internet connection often when they go indoors or underground or enter a lift or train, etc. Meaning: Online resources can 'go offline'. • THE IDEA: BOOKS NEVER GO OFFLINE • THE EXECUTION: Turn the common offline page into a media channel for a timely direct message. Using a simple HTML patch that alters the cache of partner websites, we substituted offline notifications with excerpts from real books in the library's collection. So when people go offline, instead of an offline page, they get an 'offline book'.