Product / ServiceV ENERGY DRINK
CategoryA06. Use of Special Events And Stunt/Live Advertising


Name Company Position
Laura Pope Frucor Beverages V Brand Manager
Anita Mamo Frucor Beverages Assistant Brand Manager
Nick Kavanagh OMD Australia Strategy Group Head
Mitch Incoll OMD Australia Strategist
Thomas Hutley OMD Australia Social Director
Michael Dalton OMD Australia Social Communications Manager
Adrian Moore OMD Australia Social Communications Assistant
James Pattinson OMD Australia Senior Digital Planner/Buyer
Anna College OMD Australia Communications Director
Kate Machek OMD Australia Account Manager
Celia Cochran The Sound Campaign
Simon Cahill The Sound Campaign

Results and Effectiveness

• Misattribution of the sponsorship was down 60% • Fundamental driver of sponsorship awareness attributed to integrated sponsorship with the V Energy Facebook page • All 66 challenges completed in just 3 days - vs target completion rate of 18 days, delivering a 7.1% engagement rate (+ 700% vs previous V campaigns) • Reached 4M music fans vs planned reach of 2.46M • 1.8M social Impressions • 144% return on media investment • 12% increase in sales during the campaign period not attributed to in store promotion • International DJ Will Sparks’ V Energy mix received over 350,000 downloads

Creative Execution

V Energy put 150 festival tickets up for grabs. To win one though, would-be fun seekers had to prove just how much they wanted to go to Future Music by posting a video of themselves completing one of 66 weird challenges set by V, using the campaign #tag. And #VTakeMeToFutureMusic was born. Via an integrated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram campaign, Australians couldn’t get enough of our challenges; from eyebrow shaving, drinking V out of a shoe to busking in your underwear on the street. We employed an influencer strategy to gain traction with Future Music Fans and drive them to enter the competition. One of Future’s main acts - International DJ, Will Sparks, was engaged to complete one of the challenges himself and seed the video within his own social channels. To generate additional content and brand alignment, Sparks produced an exclusive V Mix tape, available for free download.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

V is an Australian energy drink. Ask the average music festival attendee, and most will tell you that one of Australia's largest youth events, Future Music Festival, is sponsored by our main competitor, Red Bull. This was bad news for V who've been a major sponsor of the festival for years. We needed to behave differently -assert ownership of the festival, decrease misattribution, while continuing to establish V's promise of inspiring and energising youth to live life in full colour. Knowing our audience are time rich and cash poor, we tapped into their desire for expensive tickets and the knowledge they'd do anything to get some. Three weeks prior to the festival, we identified a heightened interest-and leveraged this to spur drinkers into action. Given our audiences' social feeds are packed with hilarious videos, V Energy wanted to challenge them to prove they were also up for a little mischief.