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Product / ServiceSHARE MY DABBA
CategoryB05. Fundraising, charities, appeals, non-profit organisations, public health & safety, public awareness
Entrant Company McCANN WORLDGROUP Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency McCANN WORLDGROUP Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Prasoon Joshi Mccann Worldgroup Chief Creative Officer
Abhinav Tripathi Mccann Worldgroup Creative Director
Denzil Machado Mccann Worldgroup Creative Director
Kunal Mhabadi Mccann Worldgroup Art Director
Vasanth Joshua Mccann Worldgroup Art Director
Rushil Nadkarni Mccann Worldgroup Illustrator
Purva Bakalkar Mccann Worldgroup Art Director
Kawathankar Mahesh Mccann Worldgroup Art Director
Nishant Pratap Mccann Worldgroup Copywriter
Janani G Mccann Worldgroup Copywriter
Ashirwad Mhatre Mccann Worldgroup Copywriter
Satyawan Hande Mccann Worldgroup Digital
Manav Rawat Mccann Worldgroup Editor
Robert Joseph Mccann Worldgroup Avp Production
Aditya Nair Mccann Worldgroup Director
Pagarav Patel Mccann Worldgroup Producer

Results and Effectiveness

From just two hubs on the streets of Mumbai, with a subscriber base of hundreds of users, this little Share sticker has managed to feed thousands. It also got the Human Resource Minister, mainline media, hundreds of sites and blogs, and thousands on social networking talking about the virtues of sharing food. We even saw the idea inspire private lunch services to proactively start sharing food. This innovation ecosystem has managed to transform an on-ground food-delivery network into a food-sharing network. And continues to inspire people to Share If They Care.

Creative Execution

Two channels made sharing food a reality – the on-ground Dabbawala network and social media. With the Share sticker we transformed the century old food-delivery network into a food-sharing network. The network itself distributed our Share stickers and communication cards, free of charge. Untouched-uneaten food in your dabba (lunchbox)? Just put the Share sticker on it. The dabbawalas can now instantly share these dabbas with the NGO and hungry children. As news of the project spread, mainline media started covering it. This started a conversation on social networking which had thousands talking about the virtues of sharing food. Some of whom, including private lunch services, got inspired to start sharing food on their own.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Every day on the streets of Mumbai thousands of children go hungry, and some even starve to death. In a developing 3rd world country, trying to educate people about the problem is hard. Trying to solve it, seemed almost impossible. With almost negligible resources and money, we set out with an NGO to find a solution. It needed to be simple, practical and cost-effective. We needed to create a system that could eventually become self-sustaining without big investments. So we tapped into one of the largest food networks in the city. The Dabbawalas of Mumbai are a century old, 6-sigma lunch delivery system that delivers over 120 tonnes of food everyday. We discovered that 16 tonnes of this food goes untouched-uneaten. Our strategy was to get this food to the children, without hampering a 6-sigma network. And that’s how, the Share sticker was born.