Product / ServiceSOFT DRINK
CategoryC01. Integrated Media Campaign
Advertising Agency HOST Singapore, SINGAPORE
Media Agency MEDIACOM Singapore, SINGAPORE
Entrant Company MEDIACOM Singapore, SINGAPORE

Results and Effectiveness

Strong product awareness was created with 62% Singaporeans recognising the product within two months. Positive responses from the blind taste test - 60%, over 17,000 Singaporeans chose Ayataka as the most authentic tea. Social conversations in Singapore around Ayataka increased by over 70% in the first month. 'Maiko Me' contest garnered 1500+ images within 25 days Volume projections over-delivered by more than 20%, hitting year end targets in the first two months. In the first month Ayataka took 5% of Pokka sales

Creative Execution

Creative was launched on Free-to-air (FTA) and Pre rolls during key meal times. Maikos were the key visual. We flooded Singapore with OOH activity. Invading Hawker centres, we conducted blind taste tests. Maikos offered the public three unidentified TRD tea samples, asking them to vote for the most authentic RTD green tea. Over 17,000 Singaporeans attended one tasting. Using geo-targeting, mobile Ayataka ads were sent to users near Pokka strong Hawkers centres. Pokka Facebook fans were targeted with messages asking them to reconsider their choice of brand. Media / social influencers were invited to private Japanese tea ceremonies. Singapore's top food review site, HungryGoWhere had Ayataka ads present in all Japanese relevant searches. We noticed plenty of organic Instagram and Twitter posts of consumers posing as Maikos; consequently, we created 'Maiko Me' contest asking Singporeans to pose as Maikos with the Ayataka bottle, and post to social media.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Pokka Tea had been a Singaporean favorite for nearly four decades. With the launch of Ayataka, a new green tea brand from Coca-Cola, we needed to convince Pokka Tea's existing customers to switch brands. Our insights showed us that Singaporean’s are big fans of Japanese products – they believe that Japanese exports are world class. With this in mind, we created an “authentically Japanese” strategy around Ayataka. To establish the brands Japanese origin and demonstrate true authenticity, Maikos, the legendary Geisha apprentices of Japan were engaged as brand ambassadors for the duration of the launch.


Name Company Position
Jayesh Nair Mediacom Business Director
Aditya Madhavan Mediacom Media Manager
Josephine Siow Mediacom Media Planner
Wendy Siew Mediacom Head Of Interaction
Tony Mounayar Mediacom Senior Digital Manager
Sumit Kohli Mediacom Buying Manager
Dan Gibson Host/Singapore Managing Director
Jas Lim Momentum Account Servicing Director
Claire Wong Social@ogilvy Senior Digital Analyst