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Product / ServiceKAN KHAJURA TESAN
CategoryA07. Use of Digital in a Media Campaign
EntrantPHD INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Media Agency 2 PHD INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Entrant Company PHD INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Media Agency PHD INDIA Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Kshitij Karnad PHD India General Manager Manager Mobile
Gaurav Sharma PHD India General Manager Manager Mobile
Rachana Dharia PHD India Vice President President Digital And Mobility
Shevaita Handoo PHD India Associate Director
Takesh Singh PHD India Vice President President Content
Anaheeta Goeka Lowe/Partners Executive Director

Results and Effectiveness

“Single largest media channel in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand” In just 5 months, we got over 8 Million subscribers in two states (as of March 2014). Total subscribers have now crossed 14 million. Over 1800 new users are added to the base every hour. KKT covers 60% of the non – TV households. Total Usage of 300 Million minutes. On 2nd July 2014, KKT received a record 1.1 million missed calls. Over 62 Million brand impressions (till March 2014). 103 million have been delivered. All of this at 4 cents cost per contact.

Creative Execution

KKT literally translates to ‘ear worm radio channel’. We came up with sticky branding identity, creating a catchy jingle, and a very easy to remember number – 1800 3000 0123! The promotional message makes the process of connecting with the channel crystal clear; “Missed Call Lagaao, Muft Manoranjan Pao” translating to “Give Us a Missed Call and Get Free Entertainment!” Once the consumers got a call back from KKT they could access 20 minutes of content. The 20 minutes are divided into 17 minutes of content and 3 minutes of HUL advertisements. The consumers are educated about the activity through Out Bound Calls. All one has to do is give a missed call to the toll free number and they would then receive a call back from ‘Kan Khajura Tesan’ with per-programmed content that consisted of Popular Music, HUL Ad spots, Jokes and an RJ to host the show.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Traditional media only reaches 20% of the rural population. Imagine owning the best LCD television but not being able to watch anything because of low electricity. Low literacy levels add to the challenge. Movies and moviestars influence everything from the way people cut their hair to their clothes, to daily lingo. •KKT is an always on mobile entertainment radio channel in which the content is interspersed with HUL communication. • Give a missed call to the number dedicated to the KKT hotline and receive a call back which would give the user access to entertainment stream. •We piloted the channel in Bihar, the heart of the rural belt and the intent is to continue to grow and spread as long as there are people who live in the rural areas. • The callers got access to free entertainment and HUL was able to break out of the vicious SOV battle.