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Media Agency MINDSHARE Mumbai, INDIA


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Akshay Surendra Mindshare Director
Salil Mahadeshwar Mindshare Director
Archana Jhangiani Mindshare Partner
Aditi Gupte Mindshare Manager
Devendra Deshpande Mindshare Partner
Vinay Hegde Mindshare Partner
Devendra Deshpande Mindshare Partner
Rajesh Rao Mindshare Partner

Results and Effectiveness

Housewives kept coming back episode after episode resulting in the average rating of the show doubling from 0.7 to 1.5 (F 15+ SEC BCD) after Vim’s intervention. In fact in the first week, it was the 2nd best show in this time-band across top mainline channels (including Hindi) in Maharashtra. Brand imagery improved significantly: - Brand likability improved from 81% to 93% - Brand preference improved from 77% to 87% - Purchase intent improved from 74% to 84% As a result, after a consistent decline throughout 2013, market share increased by 220 bps in Maharashtra during the activity period.

Creative Execution

Since Maharashtra is the highest contributor to Vim’s business, we piloted our strategy here. Popular cooking show Aamhi Saare Khawaiye, on leading Marathi channel, Zee Marathi was transformed into a competitive cooking format, the first of its kind on Marathi Television. We brought the biggest celebrity of Marathi entertainment industry, Supriya Pilgaonkar, to host the show. The activity kicked off with the product packaging transforming, asking consumers to call on an easy-to-use IVRS platform to participate. The message was then blasted on TV & Print for a period of 2 months. After selections, 8 weeks of episodes captured the entire competition. 2 articles/week across 8 weeks on leading daily in the state, Lokmat, drove further tune-ins. The challenge was to integrate the brand without compromising content quality: - Vim Points and advantages for finishing tasks faster - Vim Round with limited vessels, so everybody had to wash their dishes - Vim Kitchen Tips to help housewives manage their kitchen better

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Dishwash is a low involvement and functional category. Vim was steadily losing share in a price competitive market due to decreasing differentiation and increased competitive activity. The goal was to build brand preference to transcend the price competitiveness by going beyond the 30 second TVC. The average housewife is multi-tasking expert. But she has a thankless job, with her efforts usually taken for granted by the family. Cookery shows across channels do well in afternoon band. This fascination for the cookery shows stems from her desire to explore new recipes to wow her family with; because at the end of the day what she craves for is a little appreciation We created a platform that rewards and recognizes housewives and gives them the appreciation they deserve. We created a “competitive cooking format” that would test and reward every skill employed by an average housewife in the kitchen.