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Media Agency 2 MINDSHARE Mumbai, INDIA
Entrant Company MINDSHARE Mumbai, INDIA
Media Agency MINDSHARE Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Vinish Mathews Mindshare Partner
Archana Jhangiani Mindshare Partner
Aditi Patkar Mindshare Director
Swapnil Arora Mindshare Account Manager
Deleise Ross Mindshare Account Manager

Results and Effectiveness

After dropping market-share consistently for 4 years from 21 to 8, Sunsilk shares arrested the fall, maintained at 8.3% The “Strength of Association” was 4 times higher and drove all mind measures Imagery scores of ‘makes you feel self-assured’ jumped from 61 to 79 Spontaneous awareness scores moved from 67 to 77 According to Milward Brown, over 70% recalled the key brand message through the association We developed a perennially trendy and repeatable model that suits all Sunsilk variants.

Creative Execution

‘Ananya’ helped to bring alive the Sunsilk’s communication – “Recharge your hair, recharge your life” The intention of the dream job contest was just that, to help 4 young girls craft their life - similar to how Ananya recharges her life by bagging her dream job as a Sunsilk brand manager in the film A star studded event was hosted in Mumbai; the occasion witnessed the unveiling of the ‘Sunsilk Dream Job contest’ with limited edition of co-branded Sunsilk bottles This contest not only gave those 5 young girls the opportunity to live their dream for a day. The career opportunities were a cut above the rest – Singer, Stylist, Actress & VJ Over 6000 spots on TV and 6.2 million Readers were reached via 25 publications The movie released on 18th Apr’14 across 1000 theatres 13 million people were reached across India. Sunsilk recharged itself via this association

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

For 20-year old girls, hair is often an emotional rollercoaster. It gives you confidence or can draw you back from the best opportunities. Sunsilk’s challenge was to build a strong association by communicating its philosophy; confidence and self-assurance by arresting share fall and improve its imagery Normally, a high reach TV plan with sharpened channels-mix would have worked but then that wouldn’t differentiate us from competition. So we tapped into popular culture – Bollywood. Movies stars are epitomized as role models especially amongst 20 yr olds And also an unparalleled medium for brand-promotion. So Sunsilk integrated with Romantic drama“2 States”, a story of a confident girl who is ready to recharge her life. The lead character ‘Ananya’ actually played the role of a Sunsilk Brand-Manager in the film. We reached millions such ‘Ananyas’ in real life through a dream job contest. 4 dream jobs were offered to lucky 4 girls