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Product / ServiceDESSERT SHOP
CategoryD01. Foods
Entrant Company DENTSU Y&R Bangkok, THAILAND
Advertising Agency DENTSU Y&R Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Marcus Rebeschini Y&R Thailand Chief Creative Officer
Trong Tantivejakul Y&R Thailand Chief Creative Officer
Veris Na Songkhla Y&R Thailand Graphic Director
Chotika Kamwongpin Y&R Thailand Graphic Designer
Apoorva Kale Y&R Thailand Copywriter
Jindarat Udomthanapat Y&R Thailand Senior Account Manager
Tanabodee Nelabusabanon Y&R Thailand Agency Producer
Amornmarn Rattanarakpinyo Y&R Thailand Agency Producer
Fawalai Sawasdiwethin Y&R Thailand Production Coordinator
Chutima Imaratana Y&R Thailand Creative Secretary
Ong/Art Chanatipakul Y&R Thailand Creative Services Manager
Wachiraporn Thongya Y&R Thailand Computer Artist
Varaporn Punthian Y&R Thailand Computer Artist
Fifty Once Bangkok Co. Ltd Fifty Once Bangkok Co. Ltd Photographer
Srisuriya Srisurach Fifty Once Bangkok Co. Ltd Prop Master
Siwanath Pheephukhiaw Fifty Once Bangkok Co. Ltd Prop Master
Witoon Chantarawiwat Fifty Once Bangkok Co. Ltd Prop Master
Montage Studio Montage Studio Retoucher

Brief Explanation

The challenges is to select the materials that would have to be 100% natural as the products that made of 100% natural ingredients as well. Plus, every product of Ban Nuntawan has no any preservatives. How to select the natural materials and make it durable and delicate enough to be the packaging is another difficulty we have faced. Eventually, "banana leaves" is what we selected. It is 100% natural and biodegradable, but durable to cover and preserve the dessert. We have to drain it till it is dry enough to pack and send the efficient work to you.

The Brief

Ban Kanom Nuntawan, the Thai cultural dessert wants to create their packaging to suit their ingredients that 100% natural.

How the final design was conceived

Nature has its own way of letting us know their expired date, so we pack our dessert in the real natural banana leaves that will change the color when time passing. Delicately fold it in the traditional Thai way. Every piece and every neck tag were carefully placed in their ways. Once banana leaves package and the neck tag that made of the coconut stick turn into the fading color, means the dessert inside has expired.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

As we mentioned before about the challenges we have faced; we have to select 100% natural materials that have to be able to preserve the dessert and to biodegradable. Eventually banana leaves is what we decide the most suitable for this project and it really works! The banana leaves and the neck tag that made of the coconut stick did good job. Like they can be both the label to tell us the expired date and the packaging to preserve the dessert at the same time. Whenever the color of the packaging is fading, that tells consumers that the expired date is coming soon.