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Product / ServiceEM
CategoryA06. Promotional Items
Production Company MEOUR Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Thirasak Tanapatanakul Creative Juice\Bangkok Chief Creative Officer
Komson Yamshuen Creative Juice\Bangkok Art Director
Daniel Fattorini Creative Juice\Bangkok Art Director
Rattiya Suphatanasilpa Creative Juice\Bangkok Art Director
Thirasak Tanapatanakul Creative Juice\Bangkok Art Director
Chatchai Butsabakorn Creative Juice\Bangkok Copywriter
Napat Pornratanaraksa Creative Juice\Bangkok Copywriter
Piyathip Punkhamsing Creative Juice\Bangkok Agency Producer
Pongsuree Asanasen Creative Juice\Bangkok Planner
Nuntwarith Thairattana Creative Juice\Bangkok Planner
Teewin Varapasakul Meour Director
Kasemparn Jujidalert Meour Director
Setthawut Samathimongkol Meour Director Of Photography
Peerapol Jirapathomsakul Meour Editor
Khwanjira Limpanawetsakul Meour Producer
Romtheera Kimhiahsawat Meour Motion Graphic
Jongruk Timmanee Meour Trainee
Salinee Tangpanitandee Meour Trainee
Suthon Sirivirojsakul PIMNGAM Ltd./Part. Production
Wanida Phanpha PIMNGAM Ltd./Part. Production

Brief Explanation

EM has countless benefits to help people in every day life. But the client has a very limited budget. How can we create a communication that can tell the whole story of EM and demonstrate its tangible benefits at the same time? It would need to: - Deliver the countless benefits of EM products. - Persuade consumers to try EM products.

The Brief

Effective Microorganisms (EM), a green innovation, is a liquid-form of a combination of useful regenerated microorganisms consisting of Yeast, Photosynthetic Bacteria and Lactic Acid Bacteria. It creates a synergy among microorganisms and larger forms of life including livestock, plants, pets and people without using chemicals. Simply put, EM can create a better world, but very few people know about it. Hence, EMRO-ASIA, the manufacturer of Effective Microorganisms (EM) in Thailand, wants to introduce EM technology and educate people about EM’s benefits.

How the final design was conceived

We developed the world’s first “Effective Microorganisms Calendar” by using an organic hand-made paper mixed with the Effective Microorganisms to produce the calendar. Each date on the calendar demonstrates an EM’s benefit that people can use in their daily life. Examples - Day 1 is designed with a flower and the instruction “Start a fresh New Year by growing flowers”. Day 3 is designed with a car and the instructions “Spray to deodorize the car”. Consumers can use EM calendar every day in daily life to help save the world by just tearing off the date, adding to a liter of water and then following the instructions below the date.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

We planned to produce just 10,000 copies but ended up producing 100,000 copies within the 1st month due to requests from partners and customers. They loved it and helped us to spread the word about the EM calendar. Lastly, a good organic life starts every day with the EM calendar, helping to create a better ecosystem for the world.