Product / ServiceCONDOM USB
CategoryA06. Promotional Items
Entrant Company HS AD Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Advertising Agency HS AD Seoul, SOUTH KOREA


Name Company Position
Bo Hwang Hs Ad Chief Creative Officer
Dae Won Kim Hs Ad Creative Director
Young Jin Kim Hs Ad Art Director
Hye Pyung Jung Hs Ad Copywriter
Seung Ryoung Jung Hs Ad Art Director
Eun Mi Baek Hs Ad Copywriter
Kyung Jong Seo Hs Ad Idea Writer
Jae Yeon Seol Hs Ad Art Director
Dong Wook Yoon Planit Producer
Yooeng Rong Kim Planit Editor
Jong Hyo Kim Planit 2d Designer
Jeong Seok Lee Planit Art Director
David Park Planit Director
Jae Seong Kim Planit D.o.p
Yeong Jun Kim Planit Gaffer
Dae Seop Kim Tokkaebi Audio Director

Brief Explanation

Due to the conservative nature Koreans feel uncomfortable with condoms in their pockets. But we found that everyone carries an USB. By making and distributing USBs with condom-shaped lids, we want to familiarize condoms to Koreans by having them slip the condom-shaped lid on to the USB every time they insert the USB into the computer. This will remind about condom whenever they need to insert something. If a user doesn’t use the lid and insert the USB, a virus pop-up alert comes on. But when you insert the USB with the lid, the user can use one’s computer safely.

The Brief

Every year, 15 billion safe and handy contraceptives are consumed worldwide: the condom. Nevertheless it is quite intriguing to find out that 70% of the South Korean couples do not use condoms, making us the least condom-consuming nation among OECD countries. As a condom manufacturer in Korea, Kunhwa Pharmaceuticals intention is to promote awareness of using condoms, and to increase condom use rates.

How the final design was conceived

Putting the USB cap to protect from virus is very similar to the property of condoms. Also, through the process of using the USB condom, people will be aware of the importance of condoms more effectively and entertainingly.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

It was not just an ordinary condom promoting advertisement, but it was a creative idea to use USB as an advertising media that spread around in the SNS, which raised the awareness of Kunwha Pharmaceutical. Moreover, three months after distributing the Condom-USB, the condom usage grew by 4.2% and it also boosted KunwhaPharmaceutical product sales by 23% as well.