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CategoryD02. Drinks
EntrantJWT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Entrant Company JWT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency JWT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Media Agency MINDSHARE Gurgaon, INDIA
Production Company PAINTBOX Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Swati Bhattacharya JWT National Creative Director
Sundar Iyer JWT Executive Creative Director
Vinayak Gaikwad JWT Avp/Sr. Creative Director
Chetna Bawa JWT Art Director
Vinayak Gaikwad JWT Art Director/Copy Writer
Sundar Iyer JWT Copywriter
Rohit Dhamija JWT Art Director
Luke Dewars JWT Copywriter
Babita Baruah JWT Vp/Executive Business Director
Jaibeer Ahmad JWT Vp
Shweta Raina JWT Account Manager
Sheeraj Sengupta JWT Account Executive
Shubrojyoti Roy JWT Strategic Planning Director

Brief Explanation

In an atmosphere dominated by cricket, we had to make the Pepsi MyCan relevant. During the IPL, people suddenly get fragmented into team fans. We wanted to tap into that. We had to use the iconic Pepsi MyCan as the medium to reach these fans. The design had to be a limited series or a collectible in its nature. But to be a part of the IPL conversation, we had to make the design relevant and meaningful.

The Brief

The IPL is one of the biggest leagues in the world. During this time, most conversations revolve around the topic of cricket. Especially on social media. Pepsi wanted to be a part of the IPL and not just another sponsor. The brief was to make the Pepsi MyCan a part of this conversation.

How the final design was conceived

The IPL is all about the millions of fans. During this season, after a days work, they follow their teams. So we decided to redesign the MyCans to represent each team. This brought about the limited series MyCan My Team design. To take the design forward we created the MyCan My Team Versus campaign. This was a simple match update before and after matches on Pepsi's Facebook and Twitter pages. Two cans, each representing one team, were placed opposite each other before the match. After the match the result was posted with the losing team can crushed and the winning can intact.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

As of April 28, 2014 (Tournament ends June 1, 2014) each update created a reach of 155,673. The impressions per update were 361,233. Created a reach of over 4.51 million and generated 10.48 million social impressions. And this is still growing. The MyCan My Team Design allowed us to create a bigger forum for people to argue and discuss the IPL matches, rather than posting regular facebook statuses and tiny twitter feeds. This made our new MyCan design popular and helped us be a part of the IPL conversation more than ever before.