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Entrant Company JWT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
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Name Company Position
Swati Bhattacharya Jwt National Creative Director
Sundar Iyer JWT Executive Creative Director
Vinayak Gaikwad JWT Avp/Sr.creative Director
Sundar Iyer JWT Copywriter/Art Director
Vinayak Gaikwad JWT Art Director/Copy Writer
Gautam Roy Jwt Avp/Client Services Director
Saurabh Verma JWT Account Director

Brief Explanation

Mentioning the reasons why people would need a security camera is already done through obvious conversations between consumers. We need to show the benefit of our product. When we arrived on the idea, "with Godrej Security Systems, nothing gets out." We created a world where objects were too big to take through the front door, which is the most accessible place in most properties. Each object had to be created perfectly to reinforce the authenticity of the ad. It could not look like a beautiful drawing. It had to look magically real and make the consumer notice it.

The Brief

Godrej is a household name in India. Quality and usability is what the brand is know for. We had to come up with a campaign for it's security cameras. There is already saturation as to why you need security cameras and people were normally going in for security cameras that the builder of their properties advised. We needed a campaign that would make consumers see the benefit of a Godrej security system.

How the final design was conceived

The Idea was simple, "with Godrej Security Systems, nothing gets out." So we created a world where objects were too big to take through the front door, which is the least accessible place to break in through. The design was chosen for it's simplistic portrayal of the idea, "nothing gets out." If anymore explanation had been required people would have cared even lesser for an already boring category.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The campaign worked well for the client. The sales had increased, but the footfalls to the store and queries regarding Godrej security had increased by 30%.