Product / ServiceINTERNAVI
CategoryA01. Posters
EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company WORK UP TAKI Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kaoru Sugano Dentsu Inc. Creative Director/Creative Planner/Creative Technologist
Sotaro Yasumochi/Nadya Kirillova Dentsu Inc. Copywriter/Creative Planner
Yu Orai Dentsu Inc. Art Director/Creative Planner
Kyoko Yonezawa Dentsu Inc. Creative Technologist/Creative Planner
Takao Kaburaki/Takuma Sato/Sungwon Kim/Takashi Hirano Dentsu Inc. Account Director
Yusuke Nishibe Freelance Photographer
Hiroyuki Nakagawa RIZING Inc. Retoucher
Yusuke Nomiyama Amana Inc. Producer
Hiroaki Anetai Work Up Taki Co. Ltd Designer
Munechika Inudo MARK Inc. Cg Director
Mizuki Hayase NISSHO Printing Director
Daito Manabe Rhizomatiks Data Digitalizing Director
Satoru Higa Rhizomatiks Data Digitalizing
Ken Imamura/Akihiro Mikawa/Hiroaki Sawato Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Client Supervisor

Brief Explanation

Telemetry is not an easy or interesting topic to communicate. We needed to find a way to grasp the attention of the audience and make them feel excitement for this technology. To do so, we focused on a single sheet of paper. On it was driving data of the world's fastest lap set by Ayrton Senna set while qualifying for 1989 Japanese Grand Prix. On board his machine was Honda's telemetry system that recorded acceleration and engine data. Using this data and the latest technology, we re-created the airstream generated by Senna’s MP4/5 machine 24 years ago.

The Brief

Internavi is a car navigation system provided by Honda that designs driving experiences with the power of real-time driving data collected from vehicles. Its roots go back to the 1980s when Honda introduced telemetry system to Formula One and stormed the world. Honda has been testing and perfecting this system in racing cars ever since and today it supports not only F1 drivers but also everyday drivers around the world. Despite this fact, the origin and core technology of Internavi’s navigation is still not widely known.

How the final design was conceived

Driving data brings back Senna's fastest lap from 24 years ago. We focused on what was there that day but people could not see on existing records: the wind of Ayrton Senna. First, every aspect of Senna’s engine and acceleration data was digitally restored and analyzed. Based on this data we simulated the airstream created by Senna’s MP4/5 machine during that lap. At the same time, we shot different highlight spots on Suzuka circuit and overlaid computer graphics of Senna’s re-created airstream onto the photos to visualize Senna’s fastest lap in a brand new way.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Through these visuals created with Senna’s driving data, viewers were able to see and experience for the very first time the legendary race together with the power of telemetry technology and driving data behind it from a whole new point of view in a way that no one was able to see or experience before. This shifted their perception on telemetry data and the possibilities of Internavi’s core technology.