Product / ServiceGUM
CategoryA06. Promotional Items
EntrantPARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company AID-DCC Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Masashi Kawamura PARTY NY Creative Director
Qanta Shimizu PARTY NY Technical Director
Tom Galle PARTY NY Art Director/Copywriter
Kimihiro Takano PARTY NY Production Manager
Kunihiko Morinaga ANREALAGE Fashion Designer
Yusuke Tominaga AID/DCC Inc. Producer
Mayumi Ito ANREALAGE Clothes Brand Press
Yuki Oshima ANREALAGE Clothes Patterner
Seiya Ito/Airi Koga ANREALAGE Clothes Brand Assistant
Satoshi Takahashi Kichi Film Producer
Tetsuka Niiyama Taiyokikaku Cg Designer
Bruce Ikeda JKD Collective Music Producer
Yoshiteru Himuro JKD Collective Music Composer
Keitaro Kamijo AID/DCC Inc. Digital Producer
Taichi Ito Taiyokikaku Designer
Masaru Kinoshita Katamari Inc. System Engineer
Takanobu Noso Katamari Inc. Developer
Kiki Hasegawa Katamari Inc. Developer
Yoshiaki Kajiyashiki Katamari Inc. Developer
Eliza Esquivel Mondelēz International/Inc. Brand Manager

Brief Explanation

Let’s put technology in its place to make room for other things that matter like life and friends and even . . . enjoying a little piece of gum. How can we start a conversation about a distraction-free lifestyle especially when we as a gum brand can’t legally claim that gum helps you focus?

The Brief

The Gum category has lost relevance in Canada, impacting sales and velocity of all brands, including Trident. It seems Canada’s rapidly changing culture, fueled by technology, had left gum culture in the dust. Gum no longer fits in daily rituals the way it did before mobile technology and social media took over Canadians lives. How can Trident gum gain relevancy and start a conversation with emerging adults who are too distracted to even notice? Make Trident a part of culture in the technology age.

How the final design was conceived

We began to imagine what a distraction-free lifestyle would look like. What would the future hold for people who wanted to put technology in its place and focus on real life? So we created “Focus: Life Gear by Trident” – a fashion concept that disconnects you from mobile interruptions and social media distractions while wearing it. The unique Life Gear is created out of radio frequency shielding fabric, which blocks all cellular phone and internet signals when placed inside the pockets allowing people to be disconnected from unnecessary distractions. In a unique collaboration with Anrealage – a prominent Japanese Fashion House, who counts Lady Gaga amongst fans – we created 12 garments in this conceptual fashion line.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The Focus: Life Gear by Trident fashion concept, exhibit and idea of a distraction-free lifestyle captured the attention of Toronto media and Torontonians themselves. The pop-up exhibit received incredibly positive accolades from key trendsetters and media including Business News Network, Canadian Reviewer, NOW Toronto and Mobile Syrup. The 10-day exhibit garnered over one million impressions and was visited not only by fashion, tech, culture and trend media and bloggers, but hundreds of Torontonians, as well.