Product / ServiceMINERAL WATER
CategoryD02. Drinks
EntrantCHEIL Beijing, CHINA
Entrant Company CHEIL Beijing, CHINA
Advertising Agency CHEIL Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position
Jacky Lung Cheil China Executive Creative Director
Shengxiong Chen Cheil China Creative Director
Wei Xu Cheil China Copywriter
Tingting Zhang Cheil China Copywriter
Jacky Lung Cheil China Copywriter
Shengxiong Chen Cheil China Art Director
Heyi Zhang Cheil China Art Director
Yong Ren Cheil China Art Director
Ying Jie Shang Cheil China Production Manager
Danqing Wu Cheil China Account Executive
Kenho Filmplexe Production Director
Chris He Filmplexe Production Executive Producer
Wenxing Wu Cheil China Art Director
Jiayu Tang Illustrator

Brief Explanation

The challenges are that there are just too many mineral water brands. Combined with that, there is always so many bottles left with water in it after group events and meetings. In a land where pollution and natural resources are deteriorating, the brand wanted to show their part in helping or sending a message that a bottle shouldn’t be thrown out just because you don’t know whether that is your bottle or not.

The Brief

Our client, a bottled water brand, is famous for its natural mineral water. As the company gets water from nature, they know water scarcity and the importance of water-saving quite well. We want to communicate the message to our consumers. And furthermore, establish its environmental-friendly image and increase brand awareness.

How the final design was conceived

The final design was arrived at thinking of a solution which would identity which bottle is someone’s. Every bottle looks the same on the shelf, but what if you could easily make the bottle yours by simply scratching your name or a shape on it. We wanted to use the bottle itself as the background for the design.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

As a result of this campaign, consumers took the idea one step further by creating a wave of “art on the bottle”, winning more favor of consumers and raising brand awareness. Its Weibo(Chinese twitter) followers have increased 38% after the launching of the new bottle. The campaign has made more than 230,000 impressions within one month, helping boost sales increase by 21%. Moreover, it made the brand have more loyal consumers.