Product / ServiceFRIENDS OF NATURE
CategoryA06. Promotional Items
EntrantCHEIL Beijing, CHINA
Entrant Company CHEIL Beijing, CHINA
Advertising Agency CHEIL Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position
Jacky Lung Cheil China Executive Creative Director
Shengxiong Chen Cheil China Creative Director
Wei Xu Cheil China Copywriter
Tingting Zhang Cheil China Copywriter
Jacky Lung Cheil China Copywriter
Shengxiong Chen Cheil China Art Director
Heyi Zhang Cheil China Art Director
Yujie Ma Cheil China Art Director
Yong Ren Cheil China Art Director
Shuhui Liu Cheil China Senior Account Director
Alex Yan Filmplexe Production Director
Chris He Filmplexe Production Executive Producer

Brief Explanation

In China alone, forests of more than 10 million cubic square meters are destroyed just to produce paper. To reduce paper waste, people use double-sided printing, or reduce font size. Yet, there are still lots of temporary documents, thrown away after being read once. We want to provide a solution by reusing these papers.

The Brief

As Friends of Nature is celebrating its 20thanniversary, the Chinese NGO wanted to initiate a series of campaigns to increase public awareness about its environmental protection. Apart from attracting attention and create a topic among the audience, furthe creative idea should be able to call upon people’s action. It’s should be a practical way to generate positive outcome to the environment.

How the final design was conceived

Our inspirationcame from “fading-doodle pen" for kids. We readjusted the ink formula, and used it in printer ink box. The printout using this special ink looks no different from those using normal printing.However, the contents on the page would disappear gradually within few days. And the turning-blank paper can be used again and again.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

By using fading ink to print, 60% of papers were saved. The campaign spread throughout the web via SNS and news sites. So far, the campaign has made more than 220,000 impressions after its launching.Friends of Nature, the project advocate, have seen a rapid 58% increase of its followers within one month.